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E81 – Sean Sheppard | Founder at GrowthX & GrowthX Academy

When it comes to producing tech products, it is crucial to find the right fit in the market. Sean Sheppard works to get tech products into the right market and become profitable by means of a market acceleration program.

The Market Problem

Sean Sheppard has 25 years of entrepreneur experience in the tech industry where he uses his marketing skills to bridge the gap between the product and the market “problem” of obtaining, keeping, and growing a customer base. 

Sean has been able to market this service and relevant information to others through the websites GrowthX and GrowthX Academy which he founded himself. He mentions that it is more difficult than ever for tech products to gain traction due to the phenomenon he calls “the age of applied technology,” where “where it’s never been easier or cheaper to get products built and launched into markets.” 

Sean ensures that the product will fit into the current market by focusing on and encouraging the development of both the product and the market. For him, the most important questions to ask are not only what the product is, but also who is going to use it, how easy it is to use, and how can it be put in as many hands as possible. 

Additionally, for a product to succeed, it must be novel or unique enough to stand out and you must also understand the problem that it solves as well as the value it creates from that solution. According to Sean, many tech products fail specifically because of poor marketing and the problems that arise from it. 

His One Big Tip to solve these problems is to get assistance from a market acceleration program. His website, GrowthX, offers an extensive and in-depth program called MXP with dozens of walkthroughs and informative posts on how to grow your customer base. 

Finding the Right Fit

Because it might take some time to find the right market fit, you will need to be able to change things when necessary, and take time to learn before making assumptions. As you explore the right fit for your product with a market acceleration program, there are certain aspects you must consider as you work to put out a product that is altogether predictable, scalable, and profitable. 

Sean advises marketers to “spend less time on your vision and more time with customers.” The way you envision the product might not measure up to how it will actually perform in the market. 

Additionally, he says that, through these interactions, “there are really two things you want from those people: their time and their truth.” This input will help you make better decisions and take better risks as you promote your product. 

Finally, Sean talks about creating an environment in this period of growth in which you don’t try to sell a product or idea to others, but instead you “recruit early partners who will walk the journey with you, share your vision, and understand, respect, and appreciate your current reality.”To learn more about the market acceleration program MXP, you can visit www.growthx.com and www.gxacademy.com for more information. To get in contact with Sean, you can find him on Twitter @seanasheppard.