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E83 – Daniel Vivarelli | Founder and CEO at Starloop.com

Daniel Vivarelli is not your average entrepreneur. As the founder of Starloop, a reputation management software, he believes in regenerative entrepreneurship which promotes growth and regeneration that is bigger than the company and its clients. Daniel shares One Big Tip to help other business owners use this type of marketing for their benefit and the world’s too.

Reviews and Restoration

Daniel understands that reviews are essential for the growth of a company and each business uses various tactics to convince their clients to put out good and helpful reviews that can help increase traffic to their site and business. He also noticed that while there are many reputation handling websites and software, many of them are very similar to each other in terms of function and service. To make his company stand out, Daniel decided to pursue what he calls “restorative entrepreneurship”, which he defines as “the idea that every transaction should trigger an act of regeneration.” His review managing company, Star Loop, puts this into practice by planting a tree every time someone leaves a review for a company that uses their software. He wanted his work to be a part of active regeneration that gets people to do something good, benefitting the business, but also contributing to a greater cause. They ended up partnering with various organizations dedicated to planting trees in different parts of the world, and this simple action of planting one tree per review has a profound effect on the users and their engagement with the software. 

Giving is the New Getting

Through this ideology, Daniel’s One Big Tip is for businesses to figure out what they can “give away” to reach their goal and get what they want. For him, “giving is the new getting” as it makes you stand out amongst competitors and gives people an ethical motivation to get involved with your company. While it may seem like these tactics are merely greenwashing and feel-good advertising, they work as a practical motivator by allowing people to see the impact of their actions not only in their bank account, but also in how many trees they have planted all over the world. As much good as companies like Star Loop bring about, the end result is also to help promote companies in such a way that more customers are drawn in and make even more purchases there. He advises business owners to, “try to find like a great alignment around something that you can incorporate into your business, your messaging to make your brand and business remarkable and worth talking about.” To successfully utilize regenerative entrepreneurship, you must strike a balance between promoting a worthwhile cause, and making money at the same time. 

To learn more about Daniel’s company and how you can use these tactics to increase your review engagement, visit www.starloop.com where you can receive a 50% discount to try out the program for yourself.