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E85 – Hernan Sias | Host of the Business Bros Podcast

As the host of the Business Bros podcast, Hernan Sias is committed to spreading his business knowledge across all platforms to reach his listeners. He is passionate about helping others create their own brand and finding success through podcasting as he has been able to do.

Your Personal Brand

From his accounting and real estate background to now as his own business, Hernan has realized that the most important marketing aspect for business owners is to build up a recognizable brand. For him, podcasting has been crucial in accomplishing this task and growing his name and business into what it is today. Though many do not know how to get started with their own podcast or think it might be too difficult to try, Hernan has One Big Tip that makes the entire process easy and manageable. He recommends using a software called StreamYard which lets you create logos and effects that you can easily add to video formats in real time. Additionally, this site allows you to broadcast your content across multiple social media platforms at one time so you never have to worry about forgetting to post somewhere. For Hernan and his podcast, his has allowed listeners to tune in on any platform all at once, boosting engagement and numbers, and has saved him time that can better be spent elsewhere. 

Fine Tuning Your Podcast

One piece of advice that has helped Hernan the most along his journey is that “perfect is the enemy of done.” You are not going to produce flawless work in the beginning, and you will always learn how to do things better over time. As you get used to creating these podcasts, Hernan has some tips on how to make podcasting easier. For example, he uses a strategy called “mirroring” in his interviews. In this way, you take something the speaker has stated and repeat it in the form of a clarifying question. This shows that you are interested and listening to what they are saying and also keeps the conversation flowing as the speaker will often add more information. Additionally, for those who are not confident in the way they speak or sound,  Hernan states that your voice and patterns of speech will become recognizable and iconic to the people who are listening. Something else to look forward to as you continue podcasting is how much you can learn. Through giving a platform for others to share their ideas, you are also accumulating valuable information for yourself. Finally, for Hernan, imposter syndrome is a difficult thing to overcome, which is why it is important to keep on working and improving. The beauty of podcasting is that your message is available to anyone and that over time you will always “find your tribe.”  
To hear more business tips, listen to Hernan’s podcast The Business Bros on most social media platforms under the handle @businessbrospod. Additionally, by visiting their link www.businessbros.biz/freepop, you can receive a free version of their e-book “The Power of Podcasting” that lays out everything you need to know about getting started with your own podcast.