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E88 – Mandi Moon | Brand Marketing Consultant

Mandi Moon is a storyteller for brands and believes that every business has a story to tell to promote themselves and attract customers. Through her experience, she is able to share One Big Tip on how to put together an effective and clearly understood story.

Mandi’s Entrepreneur Story

Mandi grew up in a small Minnesota town working in the banking and finance sector and becoming an entrepreneur was something that she had never thought to be possible for her. After 10 years of this, she and a friend ended up starting their own business which eventually led her to quit her job as their side hustle grew into a multimillion dollar business. Though she loved her original career, she didn’t love everything about the corporate workplace, and the most appealing aspects of being an entrepreneur were, in her words, “that you get to make decisions for yourself, put in the effort for yourself, and ultimately see the rewards of your work.” She didn’t regret making this decision and with the success she has achieved, other businesses, entrepreneurs, and sales teams started reaching out to her asking if she could help them brand their business. Through this experience, Mandi has realized that the most important aspect to your brand is telling a good story, and her One Big Tip for doing so is to tell it with clarity and authenticity. 

How to Tell a Good Story

Following Mandi’s advice is done in threefold, as there are three different stories that you need to be telling in order to reach out to customers in an honest and authentic way. The first is a founder story, which is about how the business and brand came to be. The second is a purpose story, which explains why and what makes you choose to keep going every day. The final one is a value story, which outlines the values of your business brand and why customers should value their products. For Mandi, the result of talking to people through stories is longevity and trust, as it helps to both attract and retain customers because they better understand and feel a deeper connection with your business. For those who suffer from impostor syndrome and feel that they don’t have a story worth telling, Mandi has some encouragement and advice. To solve this problem, she says that businesses need to “stop positioning themselves and the business as the hero of the story, and instead try to act as a guide trying to get the real hero, the customer, where they need to go.” In the end it is all about the customer and how they interact with your brand as you connect and relate to them through the clear and authentic story you tell. 

To learn more from Mandi about how to tell your own authentic story, visit her website mandimoonconsulting.com where you can check out her services and access her free video series on how to develop your brand with a story.