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E89 – Brittany Baldwin | Sales Trainer & Presenter at Tick Tock Sales

As the owner of Tick Tock Sales, Brittany Baldwin started her own business to teach other entrepreneurs how to successfully make sales, no matter their perceived skill level. Her One Big Tip and most important tactic to accomplish this is to stop focusing all of your efforts on marketing and instead make an effort to genuinely connect with your customers and personalize your sales interaction.

How to Learn Sales

Brittany, like many others, once thought that sales skills were innate and because of this, that she was not cut out for success in the sales industry. As she began her first position with no prior sales experience, felt inadequate in her capabilities as a salesperson. That changed, however, when a sales trainer joined their team and offered training and advice. As she executed that training, she began to see how sales skills could indeed be learned and perfected over time. She also came to the realization that these skills can be found in everyday life, as she believes that “every single one of us is a salesperson and we use our tools of influence every single day to encourage people to take action.” Though she had achieved high success at a multimillion dollar company, she decided to take her life in a new direction and start her own business, Tick Tock Sales, with the goal of “bringing simplicity to sales and helping people make more sales without spending money on advertising.” 

Customers Need Nurturing

Brittany uses her business and experience to focus on something many business owners struggle with, which is how to use marketing tools to turn existing leads into paying customers. Her One Big Tip for this situation is to stop only pursuing new leads and treating them as a commodity, and instead nurture the relationships with the ones you already have. As Brittany interacts with a client, there are a series of steps that she puts into action. She first sits down and envisions her ideal outcome for the call. Then she puts together some targeted questions to ask in order to uncover more information about the client, and lists out some of the challenges she might face during this interaction. Lastly, she plans a call to action for the client. Additionally, because every customer is different, it is crucial to personalize your efforts and sales pitch so that they will positively respond and feel as if they are benefitting from it. Finally, Brittany states that because this relationship building is the most important part of sales, you must understand what your next outcome should be, whether it is making a sale, or simply creating another opportunity for interaction in order to further that connection. 
To learn more about Brittany’s sales approach, you can find her company Tick Tock Sales on Facebook or Instagram, and you can also connect with her personally on LinkedIn under Brittany Baldwin. Additionally, for those who are interested in this process of converting their leads into paying customers, visit www.ticktocksales.com.au/book to get a free PDF copy of her book Database to Dollars.