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E91 – Bill Allen | Owner of 7 Figure Flipping & Blackjack Real Estate

Once a navy pilot, now a real estate professional, Bill Allen knows what he wants and needs from people he brings on to his business team. The hard part is finding and filtering through people to find those who fit just right with the company. To accomplish this, Bill shares One Big Tip that he puts into practice to hire the best employees for his business.

Even a Boss Needs a Little Help

Bill started a career in the navy in which he served for over 15 years, but he always dreamed of becoming a millionaire and retiring early. However, it was through real estate that he quickly realized how he could greatly increase his net worth and started a business to achieve his goal. Though he never believed himself to be a business owner, he labels himself a “serial entrepreneur” as his company 7 Figure Flipping continues to succeed. Bill vowed to never work for anyone again after the navy, but as his house flipping business continued to grow, he had to come to terms with the fact that he just could not handle all of the responsibility by himself. He realized that it is better to “dive right into your strengths, and then hire out and fortify your weaknesses with other people.” Through this understanding, Bill has learned the importance of hiring good people to fill the roles and fit into his vision for the company. 

It’s All about the Personality

Before you even begin to start interviewing people for a position, Bill has One Big Tip to help you hire great people every time. First, define the core values of your business without the input of your staff or team. Second, identify the role you are looking to fill and the personality that would best fit it. With these traits, you then write ads based on the adjectives that ideal applicants would possess instead of the roles and duties required. Bill recommends using the Culture Index in this process, which acts as a personality profile that they complete in the form of a short survey on the application. The results of the applicants allow you to easily filter through the candidates to find the personalities that would easily fit into the company culture and uphold your values before you even look at their resume. Finally, he adds that whoever you hire should immediately start making an impact on your company. Though you may need to spend some time training them, you should eventually be able to let them be and have confidence in their ability to get the job done. The goal of hiring others is to make the same or greater amount of money while doing less work, and clearly communicating your expectations to each employee is essential in steering them in the right direction. 
To learn more about Bill, his business, and his marketing knowledge, you can visit his website www.7figureflipping.com where you can also find and listen to his 7 Figure Flipping real estate podcast. Additionally, you can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram under the handle @billallenrei.