Jeff Mendelson is the host of the One Big Tip Podcast and he also runs a digital marketing company located in Miami, FL. With deep international business experience, Jeff has successfully transitioned from various tech and sales positions to becoming a consummate entrepreneur. He started and built his company with a foundation that include delivering services at scale and employing a world-wide network of freelancers, bloggers, web designers and project managers. Since going independent (i.e. fired from his last job) in January 2009, Jeff has dedicated himself to designing his own lifestyle and enabling his staff to do the same.

Jeff continues this tradition of paying it forward and lifestyle design by traveling and working out various locales worldwide. As a big fan of WeWork and collaborative workspaces, networking and empowerment are the hallmarks of his success, and that of his team. Learn More >>


Today's guest is Jeff Mendelson, the host of the One Big Tip Podcast. Jeff also runs a full service digital marketing agency where he works with developing comprehensive digital marketing campaigns for startups to established businesses; focusing on lead generation and ROI-based initiatives.

Jeff is based in Miami, FL, but works worldwide. He helps entrepreneurs conceptualize, develop, and then execute all-encompassing digital marketing strategies, sales funnels, paid campaigns and getting the right people and disciplines in place. With over 15 years of continuous digital marketing experience in all formats, Jeff is a wealth of information of what works, and what doesn't, in the digital marketing space. Welcome to the show, Jeff!


  • What tools do I use to run my business from virtually anywhere.
  • How to use Content Marketing to extend your reach and make your business be EVERYWHERE.
  • Let's nerd out on sales funnels!
  • Why podcasting is the ULTIMATE networking tool.
  • How to figure out your value when pricing a digital marketing project.
  • How do you hire your first (or 10th) VA (part time/full time virtual assistant)?



Jeff is a great business partner, always looking for ways to go the extra mile for his clients. He brings terrific web, SEO and analytic insight and value, and I hope to work on many additional projects with him. I highly recommend Jeff and his team.

~ Faigie Grunberg

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