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E110 – Jarod Spiewak | Founder and Lead Strategist of Comet Fuel

Jarod Spiewak is the founder and lead strategist at Comet Fuel, where he helps exceptional service-based businesses make more money so they can operate the business of their dreams. He’s highly knowledgeable when it comes to using organic SEO to boost traffic on your website, and now he’s ready to share his One Big Tip for doing so. 

Building Backlinks

These days, ensuring that your content is getting seen on the internet and reaching as wide of an audience as possible is all about perfecting SEO. At Comet Fuel, Jarod works with what’s called organic SEO. This is the way in which websites are ranked within specific niches, and the key to ranking high in the algorithm of search engines is to create backlinks. Backlinks are the foundation of organic SEO: they’re the links that lead someone from another website to your own, and they’re the number one ranking factor on Google. But backlinks are also hard to get, especially now that everyone is interested in SEO.

Jarod says the number of backlinks you create isn’t as important as the power each backlink has behind it– in fact, having a lot of backlinks can backfire because it creates a higher risk for bad links. Because of this, Jarod recommends using internal links to power up a small number of backlinks in order to maximize their benefits; this is a better option than creating a large number of weaker backlinks. Essentially, the more backlinks a backlink has itself, the more powerful it is. Working to power up one or two links this way will improve your SEO, bring more traffic to your website, and boost your rank on search engines. Putting a lot of power behind a backlink can increase its worth from $100 to as much as $500. One of the best ways to get backlinks is to create a guest post for another website. For example, a family lawyer may reach out to a legal blog, create a post there, and link their own website in the post.

The next step is to create more links leading to the page on which you have a guest post in order to power up that page, and, in turn, your own link. To do this, you’ll have to ask the owners of the website to create a few internal links that lead to that particular page throughout the website. This will benefit them, too, because not only are they powering up the link to your website, they’re also powering up a page of theirs. Jarod recommends using a tool called AHREFS or a Google site search to figure out which pages on the website will be most powerful to do this with. (To conduct a site search, put a keyword pertaining to your blog post and a colon in front of a website’s domain name, and Google will show you the related pages.) 

Take It a Step Further with Tier Two

Jarod classifies links as “tier one” and “tier two.” Tier one links on the ones from portal websites with internal links leading to them. Tier two links come in when you do outreach on behalf of the website you have a link from. You can achieve this by asking other websites with similar topics to share a link to the website you’ve created a guest post on. Then, you can combine these two methods by asking the tier two website to create internal links on their website. All of these backlinks will be working together to create a single extremely powerful link in your initial guest post. Your original link’s power can be increased 5 to 10 times this way– and all it started with was one simple backlink on a guest post. 

Jarod says it’s difficult to tangibly measure how effective your backlinks are because of Google’s constantly changing algorithms. However, you can test the effectiveness of this process by sending backlinks to a test website and watching its rank in search engines rise. 

To learn more about organic SEO, you can visit cometfuel.com. There, you’ll be able to access tons of educational content you can use to teach yourself about the process, but feel free to reach out using the content form on the website or emailing Jardon directly at [email protected]