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E113 – Oxana Romanyuk | Founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars

Oxana Romanyuk is the founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars. What makes her company different from other virtual assistant providers is the fact that they provide support on both sides of the relationship; while clients receive excellent services, the virtual community of remote workers is constantly provided with training, job opportunities, and all sorts of support to make sure they’re always elevating the quality of their work by challenging, testing, and improving their skills. Oxana believes a level of compassion is an important ingredient to all business relationships, which is why her one big tip is to create a stellar, red carpet experience for clients.

Create a Great First Impression

The first and possibly most important step in creating the best possible experience for both you and your clients is nailing your first impression– otherwise known as the onboarding experience. Whenever you’re meeting a client or promoting yourself, you should provide a clear image of what makes you stand out and what your unique value is. When you first start out and begin to promote your services, Oxana recommends first take advantage of free social media advertising.

One great way to promote your services is through communities of like-minded people on platforms like Facebook. Oxana says you should also use personal connections: let everyone in your immediate circle know what services you offer, and reach out to past colleagues as well. Another great way to meet potential clients and referral partners is through virtual coffee chats, summits, and professional network events.

Finally, Oxana suggests offering professional masterclasses and training. She says this can be a direct pass to building up your client roster. The next step in your journey is the sales process. Good impressions are very important during sales calls, so beforehand, you should always think about the details: how will you position your offer and your pricing? How will you listen and read between the lines? Keep in mind, as Oxana says, that the important thing to sell is not only your service itself but the solution it’s providing to a pain point your client is experiencing. Chemistry is also a vital aspect of client relationships, as Jeff and Oxana discuss. It’s important to show a certain amount of enthusiasm for your client’s work. “When we are passionate about what clients do, it shows in our work, it shows in our commitment to their audiences, and it shows in our commitment to their business period,” Oxana says.

Leave a Lasting Impression With the Off-Boarding Process

While onboarding is important for starting the relationship on the right track, you must also continue to nourish your relationship with your client up until, and even beyond, the end of it. Oxana says you should have clearly defined milestones where you can check in with the client every few months. This can be in the form of a strategy session or even a questionnaire to check in on the health of your relationship. Even when a client decides to move on from their virtual assistant at Remote Rockstars, the team will continue to provide a certain level of support and relationship with the client. Remote Rockstars will even help former clients find a new professional to hire. This sort of compassion at the end of the relationship will leave doors open for you when it comes to things like referrals and future projects; Oxana says that you never know what relationship you may have with a client in the future. 

You can learn more about Oxana and Remote Rockstars on their active, resource-driven website remoterockstars.com.