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E118 – The Key to Creativity: Celebrating Small Victories | with Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan is the CEO and founder of Creator Mindset, and he’s spent years working with Hollywood actors and big-name musicians, from Woody Harrelson to Rod Stewart. Throughout all his experiences working with highly successful, creative people, Nir has discovered one important (and possibly shocking) thing: they aren’t all that different from you and me! The only thing that sets these people apart is that they’ve established a repeatable creative process that works for them, and anyone can do the same for themselves in order to tap into their innate creativity.

Creativity is an important part of any career, and tapping into your creative side will open endless doors for your business. It’s easier than you may think, too. In this episode, Nir explains the “how” of creativity: paying attention to small victories, shifting your mindset, and realizing the creative potential within you.

In this episode:

  • [2:12] Nir shares his background and how he created the concept for his book, Creator Mindset.
  • [4:05] Despite popular belief, creativity is about way more than art! Nir explains the wide creativity spectrum.
  • [4:58] Nir introduces his One Big Tip: celebrating little victories. It’s all about looking at the small steps you take on the way to your main goal, thinking about where else these “breadcrumbs” may lead you and exploring that path.
  • [8:10] Nir explains that his process isn’t about quitting your day job to pursue a hobby, but rather taking a more creative approach to your career. 
  • [10:10] Nir says creativity is all about shifting your mentality, looking at the entire pipeline of your business, and leaving no rock unturned. Question what worked yesterday in order to discover what will work tomorrow. 
  • [13:43] Nir reminds us that we are all born creative, and the way your own creativity is manifested will become your personal, unique brand.
  • [15:20] Contact Nir, purchase his book, and learn more at the links below. 

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