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E12 – Yetunde Shorters / Personal Branding Coach

Are you passionate about something that you don’t think you can monetize? What if someone told you that you could, in fact, make money while fulfilling your life’s purpose? Well, this week’s guest, Yetunde Shorters, believes that everyone has a purpose in life and all of those purposes can help you make money.

It’s not always easy to, first of all, identify your purpose, and second, create a profitable business from your purpose. Luckily, after years of fine tuning, Yetunde Shorters has figured out a proven method for converting passion into revenue, and it’s all about C O N T E N T.

It’s called the TWIQ (tweak) method:

T- Thought Leadership

“A thought leader is one who identifies and develops persuasive ways of thinking that others apply to their lives,” according to Yetunde. Developing your way of thinking is as simple as taking a hard look at your industry and identifying a point where you fundamentally disagree and providing a strong alternative thought process.

Gather facts, formulate a professional opinion about why you disagree, and then start sharing it. You can’t make an impact if you never share your experience with others. You should be sharing your thought leadership at least once or twice a month in new and exciting ways. “But your solution always has to come back to that one thing that you're providing that is different. That's how thought leadership works.”

W- What To Do

“The w is what you tell the people what to do based on your thought leadership.” This is your expert opinion, the meat of what your thought leadership means. This is your chance to shine. Once people are drawn to your thought leadership, they’re going to be asking you “what do I do?” People are now looking to you for guidance, so you have to have a set plan in place and the knowledge to back it up.

I- Identity

Now, not everyone who is drawn to your thought leadership is going to be your ideal customer. The I in TWIQ stands for identity because you have to identify your ideal customer but also figure out what identities you share with your target audience, the things that connect you. You’re looking for what Yetunde calls a “five-star client.” “You have to figure out what identities that you and your target audience have, and you connect [your message] to that.”

Q- Quick Help

“Think of quick help as a quick win...What can they do, that is a knowledge that you share, that they can, you know, get a quick win out of if they do it.” You can think of this step as little “freebies” that you give to your thought followers.

These quick wins help you to establish authority and trust, so when your ideal client is ready, they know exactly who they want to buy from. It’s the person who has built trust, someone they identify with, and someone who’s already helped them.

But the big secret to the TWIQ method?

“Now the secret is you never share the how. The how is how you make money.”

If you want to learn more about Yetunde on her favorite platform, Instagram, or check out her website for more information about her services.