E130 - Gratitude for Growth: How Being Grateful Leads to Joy | with Wendell Miracle - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E130 – Gratitude for Growth: How Being Grateful Leads to Joy | with Wendell Miracle

Wendell Miracle knows what it’s like to feel hopeless, but he also knows a great deal about finding that lost hope. Not only is Wendell a happiness coach who aims to help people overcome depression and anxiety through his teachings, videos, and seminars, but he’s also the author of “Have A Magical Day” and the creator of the delightful Instagram page “Hope Nuggets.” Now, he’s spreading the joy to One Big Tip listeners. 

Wendell’s One Big Tip for improving your business may sound simple, but can be a great asset when practiced properly – it’s all about improving your overall mood and mental wellbeing. The key component? Gratitude!  

For this episode, I sat down to talk to Wendell about Hope Nuggets, happiness, and specific gratitude techniques that are sure to lead to joy and success. We discuss everything from practicing self-love to carrying out random acts of kindness. It’s sure to be a mood booster, and the positive results will carry over to your business!

In this episode:

  • [1:40] Wendell shares his personal mental health journey and explains how it led to the creation of Hope Nuggets.
  • [3:38] We dive into Wendell’s One Big Tip: it’s all about boosting happiness and gratitude!
  • [6:17] Wendell explains that the key to gratitude is truly letting yourself feel it, rather than just writing it down or saying it. 
  • [7:07] Wendell discusses the importance of practicing self-love and explains what that really means.
  • [8:18] Be a blessing each day! Wendell recommends carrying out one random act of kindness every day.
  • [9:10] Find out how to learn more about Wendell and Hope Nuggets, linked below.

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