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E17 – Dominique Murray / Dominique Murray Photography

Think about how you post an image to Instagram. You probably have a preferred orientation, size, and filter. You might not know it, but that’s part of your brand. And when you’re consistent with your style, people start to notice. That’s exactly what happened for today’s guest Dominique Murray of Dominique Murray Photography and Social Secrets Revealed.

Consistency is Key

We’ve talked about consistency with a few guests on One Big Tip, but today’s episode takes consistency a step further. Dominique isn’t just talking about posting every day or staying active on your Facebook Group.

“Social media is super loud. You know, there's a lot of stuff going on literally all the time. There's millions, billions of posts that are put out there every day,” she said. The key to cutting through the clutter is to create a strong and easily identifiable brand. “So making sure that I was posting consistently, that I was posting around the same time, that I was always, you know, doing things like 30 hashtags and tagging other accounts, and making sure that...all of my brand colors are incorporated on there. So everything, literally everything from start to finish, was so consistent every single time that I did it.”


The One Big Tip uses a greyscale and bright red color scheme for social media, so I’m sure that by now you’re starting to recognize OBT posts right away in your feed. Well, for Dominique, her signature color is coral. “My color is coral. That's like my spirit color. Um, they see this coral colored ad and then they see my edit of my style, my photography, and they immediately know that it's me.”

Get Results

“I cannot stress enough, like just consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency,” Dominique advised. “I was able to grab their attention by being consistent in my ads and then consistent in my editing style as I was posting. You know, they kind of knew the results that they were going to get, and it led me to getting DMs or Facebook messages or LinkedIn messages like, ‘Hey, I want to work with you.”

When you share a clear message and you are consistent with how you’re branding yourself, people trust you and your product, whatever it is. When consumers trust a brand, they’re going to buy from that brand. So don’t be shy - just be consistent.

If you want to know more about branding on social media, you can catch up with Dominique on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can also check out her websites for Dominique Murray Photography and Social Secrets Revealed.