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E172 – Acknowledging Obstacles: How to Assess and Remove What’s Standing Between You and Your Wealth | with Chad Willardson

Chad Willardson has a lot on his repertoire. He’s the founder and president of a wealth management firm called Pacific Capital, the elected treasurer for his city, and the author of an Amazon best-selling book titled Stress Free Money: Overcome the 7 Obstacles to Financial Freedom. Luckily for listeners, he’s taking us through a few of those obstacles in order to help lead people to wealth and financial success! 

Chad says that without knowing your obstacles, you can never get to your destination. That’s why he’s here to address a few of the most common obstacles that you might not even realize are standing in your own way, from a lack of clear goals to what he calls “financial fast food.”

In this episode, you’ll not only hear examples of these obstacles but also learn how you can start to overcome them in order to make your way to the wealth you’ve always dreamed of. Overall, it’s all about making clear goals, knowing what’s standing in your way, and coming up with a roadmap to get through it. 

In this episode:

  • [1:25] Chad takes us through his background and gives us an idea of what he does and who he is – not only an author and founder of a wealth management firm, but an elected official as well.
  • [4:25] We dive into Chad’s one big tip: Facing the obstacles between you and your wealth. He says the most common obstacle is a lack of clear goals. 
  • [6:37] Chad explains how he helps clients get clear on their goals.
  • [8:43] Another major obstacle is “financial fast food” – this is buying into what the latest news tells you to do with your money rather than thinking of your own position, plans, and needs
  • [9:50] Letting your feelings get in the way is another huge obstacle, Chad says.

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