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E186 – Effective Delegation: Free Your Time and Grow Your Business | with Kawan Karadaghi

Kawan Karadaghi is the host of the Value Verse podcast, where he shares the stories of entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders. He also owns and operates three gyms – in short, he’s got a lot going on. Luckily, Kawan has learned how to effectively delegate work to team members in order to get things done and grow his businesses as quickly as possible. Now, he’s telling One Big Tip listeners how to do the same!

Kawan says delegating tasks within your business is an important part of scaling and using your time effectively. It’s vital for every business owner to remember their value to time ratio and pay attention to how much they’re actually accomplishing in a day – and when it’s not enough, it’s time to delegate!

In this episode, you’ll learn not only why delegating is so important, but also how to get it done effectively in order to make an impact on your business and watch it grow at a rapid rate. We could all use more free time, and Kawan is sharing how you can actually get it!

In this episode:

  • [1:10] Kawan gives us a quick look at his background and explains how he got to where he is today – owning and operating three gyms and hosting the Value Verse Podcast.
  • [3:22] Kawan explains how he opened his businesses and found success. He says it’s all about prioritizing sales and reaching as many people as you can.
  • [5:30] Kawan’s one big tip is all about delegation, which is especially important when you’re running multiple businesses. Systems and processes are vital for growth!
  • [9:40] Kawan says it’s always important to look at the effectiveness of your work and the results of it – because sometimes, you can feel like you’re getting a lot more done than you actually are!
  • [12:00] Kawan emphasizes the importance of your value to time ratio and completing your weekly goals in a timely manner in order to grow. 

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