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E193 – 90-Day Marketing Plan: Set Yourself Up for Success | with Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick has been in the marketing industry for over 2 decades, but his main takeaway can be summed up in a single phrase: marketing shouldn’t be difficult. In 2013, he founded Rialto Marketing to help other companies simplify and optimize their marketing campaigns. Now, he’s here to explain his 6-step process for creating successful strategies in just 90 days!

There are so many marketing tips, tricks, and tools out there that trying to create a strategic plan for your business can feel overwhelming. If you feel like you’re pouring a lot of time and money into marketing but aren’t seeing any results, it’s time to regroup and brush up on the basics. Founder and CEO of Rialto Marketing, Tim Fitzpatrick, is here to help simplify things.

In this episode, Tim shares the 6-step process he uses to build successful digital marketing campaigns for all types of businesses. Check out this episode to hear the top insights that Tim has learned from spending over 2 decades in the marketing industry!

In this episode:

  • [00:53] It can be easy to feel discouraged as an entrepreneur when things don’t go according to plan. Listen to how Tim made the best of his own multifaceted journey here!
  • [04:30] Tim and Jeff agree that the benefits of being self-employed include autonomy, freedom, the opportunity to forge your own path, and several more.
  • [06:04] Tim explains why a 90-day sprint is an ideal timeframe for creating a simple but highly effective marketing strategy.
  • [10:07] How do you decide on a goal for your marketing campaign? Tim says to make sure it’s specific, time-bound, and measurable.
  • [19:16] Tim reiterates the importance of getting back to the fundamentals of marketing and advertising. Once you have a solid foundation, you’ll be able to quickly grow your business from there.

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