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E214 – Give Them A Reason to Believe: Guy Rozman’s Magic Formula for Killer Ad Copy | with Guy Rozman

Founder of Mediaflowzz, Guy Rozman, is a digital marketing expert that works with eCommerce brands and tech startups. Guy’s expertise is helping businesses increase their ROI and customer acquisition utilizing his 3 step formula. Guy is also a successful Podcast host at the Customer Acquisition Experience, where he and guests discuss tactics, tools, and frameworks on increasing customer engagement and ROI. Listen as Guy shares his strategy on the One Big Tip podcast

Guy Rozman of Mediaflowzz knows how to grow and scale your company with his no-fail, 3 step formula. With a career that began in the Israeli startup space, Guy became an expert at PPC, Google, and Facebook ads. Before Mediaflowzz, Guy worked with Fiverr and Yotpo, where he tapped into and perfected his digital marketing knowledge base.

Then the entrepreneurial bug bit and Guy founded Mediaflowzz, where he helps companies spending over $10K a month scale effectively. What began as a freelance side hustle has now grown to a team of experts that work with businesses across the globe, helping them generate millions of dollars in revenue in the last two years alone. 

Guy understands the nuances of working on a global level. He knows buying trends differ in each region and market. Mediaflowzz ensures that their client’s digital marketing campaign is seamlessly integrated globally. Guy created a proven strategy that he utilizes, so his clients can see an increase in customer acquisition and ROI with every campaign he produces. His framework is based on understanding people’s pain points and then targeting them with a message that resonates.

His framework begins with knowing the product and the market he is working with. Then researching to uncover the best way to target the audience on a high level. The second step is in his framework is to review user-generated content. Guy takes a wide lens approach to this step, looking at good, bad, and competitor reviews, enabling him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product/service and its user. All this information is readily available. The only thing required is the desire to sift through it. This understanding is an integral part of any successful digital marketing campaign. The third part of the framework is what Guy calls his magic formula of ad creation. A technique he picked during his time at Facebook. The first component in the formula is the value prop – what value or benefit is the customer gets. The second component is the reason to believe –  why should the customer believe your message. There are many ways to create a reason to believe and develop trust, such as testimonials and studies. The third component is the CTA. You need to tell the audience what you want them to do next. You need the call to action to be clearly stated in the ad. It can be generic or customized to your product, but it must be direct and clear. 

Most companies looking to scale need to optimize their strategy to scale successfully. The way to get great results is to be open to changing what you believe is perfect. That is what Mediaflowzz does. They help their customers increase user engagement and customer acquisition through proven strategies. Join me today and listen to Guy share his system on creating winning marketing campaigns every time. 

In this episode:

  • [1:35] Guy has been involved in several Israeli startups. He explains his background and how he got to where he is today in PPC marketing.
  • [5:53] Guy gives us a look at the marketing framework he developed. It starts with looking at the product, the competition, and the audience.
  • [12:10]  The next step is to use Guy’s magic formula for ad creation: value prop + reason to believe + call to action.
  • [14:09] Guy dives into the concept of a “reason to believe” – what does that mean, and what are some examples?
  • [21:08] What’s the net result of implementing this process? Guy shares specific success stories that garnered excellent results.
  • [25:29] Guy says this process can take a lot of trial and error – but the success at the end is worth it!

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