E218 - Use cold emails to grow your agency to over 6 figures with Ty Frankel of Agency Empire | with Ty Frankel - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E218 – Use cold emails to grow your agency to over 6 figures with Ty Frankel of Agency Empire | with Ty Frankel

Ty Frankel, the founder of Agency Empire, has been walking the walk since he was 14. At 22, he earned his first Emmy Award and consistently earned over $1.1 million per year with Shut Down Music’s music production agency. Ty successfully pivoted his career when he realized he wanted more. In less than a year, Ty launched Agency Empire using Twitter to grow his personal brand to more than 21,000 followers successfully. Ty credits his effective use of cold emails to his success. Follow along on the One Big Tip podcast and learn how Ty scaled his business successfully using cold emails.

In a B2B industry, the best way to reach your market is via cold emails that can be done in large volumes through automation. The part that requires effort in this process is a personalized first line and ensuring you have an easy money offer. Combining these two techniques is how Agency Empire helps businesses grow past the $100,000. 

Ty started in the industry as a teenager who loved creating music beats. Realizing that the money was in creating music for t.v., movies, and commercials, he shifted his focus. Over the next few years, Ty worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Having produced tracks for companies like Universal Music, Red Bull, Warner Brothers, and Sony, Ty thought he had reached his goal. There was only so far he could scale his business in the music industry. Ty then did what successful entrepreneurs do. He pivoted his focus to a more lucrative industry. That is how Agency Empire was born. 

Today, Agency Empire is Ty’s sole focus. His purpose is to help agency owners grow past the $100,000.00 mark. The one thing Ty enjoys about his work these days is that the results are measurable and quantifiable.  His secret is using cold emails and an easy money offer, resulting in Ty’s ‘ no brainer approach. Ty has no regrets about jumping from the music industry to the marketing industry. This is where he found success and is looking forward to a brighter future.

Agency Empire takes a comprehensive approach to scaling your business. Although many marketing tactics are used, Ty believes cold emails will put you in front of the people you want to get in front of.  Why does he put so much value in cold emails? Because when done right, they will make it easy to close the deal. They need to be personal to the receiver. Take the time to learn something about the person. Make sure they notice that you researched them. Second, ensure your offer is excellent and mitigates risk. Build confidence in your company through testimonials and case studies. The purpose of the cold email is to secure a call with your target audience. Ty guarantees that you can scale your agency to where you want by following these steps.

Another tactic Ty uses is an email campaign. Don’t just send out one cold email and be done. Email a sequence of emails, including a LinkedIn connection. Show your potential client that you have a fantastic offer that can scale their agency. Know your client and what will speak to them. How are you going to mitigate risk to entice them? These are all key components of the Agency Empire model. Listen to the One Big Tip podcast as Ty Frankel shares the tips and tricks he used to put Agency Empire on the map and scale your business. 

In this episode:

  • [1:21] Ty talks about his experience in the entertainment industry, running a monthly six-figure music production agency. 
  • [2:46] Hitting an income cap and why he left the music industry to open Agency Empire.
  • [7:50] Focusing on Twitter helped Ty expand his brand and grow financially.
  • [12:40] Ty explains how cold emails make the client connection happen.
  • [14:00] The importance of having a great offer when you send out cold emails.

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