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E220 – Using the Zero Moment of Truth to hack consumer behavior | with Paul Mackiewicz

Hashtag Smart gives business owners a single hub to ensure their vibe aligns with their marketing strategy. Join us today as Paul Mackiewicz shares his One Big Tip, using zero moments of truth to hack consumer behavior. As a marketing executive for INC 5000 companies, Paul realized a void in the market. No agency was combining all the data in a single spot so the business owner could get a comprehensive view of the impact of their social media. Using the skills, efficiency, teamwork, and discipline instilled in him during his time in the military, Paul put together a dedicated team dedicated to helping the professional service industry get the most out of their social media content. 

Consumers make decisions based on reviews, ratings, websites, and social media content every second of every day.  Ensuring your online presence is unique and stands out is very important. Hashtag-Smart utilizes a comprehensive approach to social media marketing that helps give your business the momentum it needs to be at the forefront of consumer decisions. 

Think of #Smart as an audit to ensure that your business is putting its best foot forward. It implements strategies that help close the gap for consumer decision-making. What are you doing with the business assets you have so that your business stands out from the other ten just like you. Consumer decisions happen daily. Having a significant impact is the way to compete. The only part of social media that a business truly controls is its website. The first step in Paul’s marketing strategy is to ensure that your website has value propositions for your target audience and that you make it relatable. If you love Harry Potter, put it out there, it may be the commonality that closes the deal. 

When Paul initially started in the marketing industry, he was known as the golf course guy. His experience as a professional golfer gave him an edge in that industry.  He knew what would set one course apart from the next to maximize sales and realized the value in capitalizing on distinctions. Taking it one step further is how Paul and his team at #Smart utilize Yelp reviews and Google Business Listings to help consumers at the moment of truth decision making. If your Yelp review doesn’t say all the things you do, you’re going to lose that possible sale. Taking the time to get to know each business owner that hires #Smart is the best part of his day. 

The coolest part about #Smart is how strongly they believe in the value of their comprehensive marketing approach. Schedule a call, and you will get 3-5 strategies for free to implement immediately. Small details such as an updated website or building a more engaging community with your online profiles can bring about significant changes. Once these gains are realized, the only direction is #Smart’s comprehensive approach to social media marketing.   Listen to todays’ One Big Tip podcast with guest Paul Mackiewicz as he does a deep dive into consumer behavior using the Zero Moment of Truth technique. 

In this episode:

  • [1:49] Paul explains how he settled on consumer behavior and zmot.
  • [2:29] The ah-ha moment when Paul recognized the synergistic relationship between content and consumer behavior and how to utilize it comprehensively.  
  • [9:00] The importance of being relatable to your customer.  
  • [12:28] Importance of online reviews to your comprehensive strategy. 
  • [15:31] How to use ZMOT to hack consumer behavior. 
  • [18:37] The importance of scripting your message.

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