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E224 – Motivate change by making the purpose personal to the listener | with Nancy Giere

Learning and developing consultant Nancy Giere knows how to reach and motivate people. Everyone thinks that the purpose of a presentation is about what the presenter has to offer the audience. Nancy knows that is an incorrect assumption. Successful presentations are all about the audience. The critical component of a solid presentation or seminar is when the presenter can appeal to the audience, and their emotions, so they are inclined to take action. In today’s One Big Tip podcast,  Nancy explains how she uses audience participation and storytelling to create memorable training seminars.

Nancy Giere has acquired over 25 years of experience working with global Fortune 500 companies. She has helped them develop training sessions that keep their company at the forefront of their industry. In today’s post-pandemic times, the way training is done has changed. Although the methods have shifted, the purpose has not. To invigorate an audience and inspire people, you need to use storytelling and touch on that personal connection, giving the audience a drive and desire to follow your call to action. 

How do you connect with your audience? The answer is simple. It’s not about the speaker. It’s about what you can do for your audience. Most people make the mistake of trying to relay every bit of information they have about themselves and their company, but that’s not going to get your message across. Using the Hero’s Story technique, where your audience is the hero, and the speaker is the wise sage who brings them where they need to be, will keep the audience captivated and ensure your message is memorable. Storytelling is more than an exchange or conversation. Knowing how to tap into the emotional part of the information you want to deliver is at the core of being a good storyteller and ensures your audience will be open to accepting it.

Nancy uses a formula with proven success when creating presentations for seminars, webinars, or in-person events. First, know your platform so you can design your presentation accordingly. Second, let the audience know what will happen by creating a roadmap for them to follow. Third, ensure the message is personal. Making a connection with the audience gives them a reason to listen attentively. 

As a storyteller, you need to develop visuals so the audience can follow along. The less-dense the information, the easier it is for the audience to digest and retain. The last part of Nancy’s storytelling process is for the speaker to be personable. This allows the audience to relate to them. Following these steps can change the outcome of training sessions and seminars, guaranteeing long-lasting, effective change, increasing company ROI, or helping the company become more effective at sales. 

Listen to the One Big Tip podcast with guest Nancy Giere as she explains how to create effective training sessions and webinars through storytelling and a personal approach. Nancy will also be hosting a five-day challenge for those with expertise that they would like to convert to an online course. If you are interested in joining the challenge, click here.

In this episode:

  • [2:31] The importance of telling a good story to connect with people. 
  • [4:08] How to create powerful and intriguing stories.
  • [8:50] Why it’s important to know who your audience is.
  • [13:12] The importance of knowing your platform and how to prepare effectively.
  • [15:12] The importance of self-editing to ensure your message is heard.

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