E235 - Smart business cards are a quick, no contact way to exchange information, making networking as easy as a tap! | with Pieter Limburg - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E235 – Smart business cards are a quick, no contact way to exchange information, making networking as easy as a tap! | with Pieter Limburg

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint and network with a single tap? Pieter Limburg, the founder of Mobilo Card, created smart business cards. A quick, modern, zero contact way to exchange information and expand your network. An asset for any business in these post-pandemic times.  Transfer information with just one tap. Using modern technology to expand and grow your business on a global scale is the wave of the future. Listen to today’s Big Tip podcast episode with Pieter Limburg and hear how he used modern technology to drive his business forward and stand apart from the competition.

Pietepisode er Limburg, an entrepreneur, and tech lover realized that sometimes it’s not about creating something new but reinventing what’s already out there with a twist. That is why he made Mobilo Card, a smart business card that allows you to exchange your information with a single tap. What sets Mobilo Card apart from the competition is that you don’t need an app to support it. This smart card stands alone. Pieter’s One Big Tip is not to be afraid to use technology to serve your needs, exactly as he did with Mobilo Card. 

Pieter faced challenges like most tech entrepreneurs. What if you wanted to exchange information with someone, but their phone didn’t support NFC technology? What Pieter did was map out all the challenges his product could face and then come up with solutions. He created a failsafe way of transferring information when that single tap didn’t cut it. On the backside of the smart card is a QR code. This minor detail allowed everyone in any market to benefit from his product. Successful businesses and business owners always think of alternatives, so their product stays relevant.

Mobilo Card is unique because it doesn’t need an app to support its usage. It has a QR code on the back to exchange information with someone whose phone doesn’t support NFC technology. Mobilo Card also allows you to control the narrative when you meet someone by sending and receiving contact information. What is also unique is that there’s a notes section to put in where you met and any details you like. This is an excellent feature for lead generation and networking. 

As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to make every person interested in your product or service happy. Internal and external forces drive decisions, and each decision has to align with your company’s vision. For instance, Pieter received feedback from users who wanted the smart card to be connected to an app. After careful consideration, Pieter concluded that creating an app-based smart card was not the direction he wanted to take his company. He used customer feedback to his advantage while staying true to the vision of his brand. Follow along as Pieter outlines his methods for using cutting-edge technology to grow your brand while staying true to your vision on the One Big Tip podcast. 

In this episode:

  • [1:48] Pieter shares the impetus behind creating a smart business card. 
    • As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a clear vision of your business.
    • Learning how to filter through criticism and stay true to your vision is not an easy task. 
  • [4:24] How he dealt with technological setbacks that could have shut Mobilo Card down.
    • As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to know when to push further instead of closing your doors. 
    • Every business venture requires reworking along the road to success. 
  • [8:28] How the technology works. 
    • It’s essential to understand the technology behind the business model you’re creating. 
    • How to use technology to your advantage and not be afraid to push the limits.
  • [12:30] Why this technology is akin to CRM.
    • How to deal with negative feedback. 
    • Why sticking with your vision may lead you to success despite pitfalls along the way. 

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