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E242 – Podcasting is the best way to reach your audience, impact your brand, and establish authority | with Amani Roberts

Chief Musical Curator of the Amani Experience, a boutique DJ company that caters to corporate clients is the creation of Amani Roberts. Amani is an adjunct professor at California State University and the successful author of “DJs Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company’s Succes.” Amani is also on Twitch University, where he blends his business savvy and love of music to teach the masses about his passion for creating podcasts and sharing why podcasts are the best way to grow your business. This is the main focus of the Amani Experience, a successful podcast that features all things music, business, and brand growth. Listen to today’s episode of the One Big Tip podcast so you can learn more about expanding your business via podcasts.


Amani Roberts is the founder of The Amani Experience, a luxury music entertainment company. Since 2008, Amani Roberts has traveled the globe, providing memorable musical experiences for thousands of people at corporate events, weddings, private parties, and video dj’ing. He is a professionally trained DJ and an adjunct professor at California State University. His podcast, the Amani Experience on Twitch University, educates companies and solopreneurs on growth potential. 

Amani tends to stick to the Twitch platform instead of others due to its broad reach and live streaming capabilities. That’s where he hosts game shows and puts up videos of his live DJ events. He also hosts live game shows on Twitch. The live game show is a niche that grew out of the pandemic. Today it is a way for companies relying on zoom for meetings, events, and workshops to break up the time and entertain their team. With most companies using a hybrid model, going live during a workshop or seminar is the sweet spot. Going live enables you to captivate your audience and keep them entertained. Live podcasting also creates unique opportunities for lead generation. Twitch is an excellent platform as it has a global reach and will enable you to connect with people who would otherwise, never hear of your brand. 

Amani uses podcasts to create three types of lead generation value. The first is getting your audience to the platform you are broadcasting live on and then getting their email address by offering a value prop. This allows you to connect with them daily, weekly or monthly. The second type of lead generation you gain with podcasts is if someone listening to your podcast decides they want to hire you based on the exposure you gained from the live stream. The third type of lead generation is being top of mind. Through podcasting, you stay at the forefront of your audience’s mind, so when they need your services, they think of you and your brand. 

Today, the best way to create brand awareness and increase authority is to use podcasting. By airing your podcast live on a streaming platform, you can reach people around the globe. Not all platforms are created equal. Linkedin, for example, when you post life, it stays on your account. Viewers can always refer back to it. They can re-watch it when it’s convenient for them. People try to tune in when you offer a live component to your podcast. It’s a way to share your process with your audience. They see that you are authentic, and they can connect with you. Those are the things that drive your brand awareness and give your brand or company authority in your field. 

Podcasts generate hundreds of pieces of content from a short 20-minute podcast or live stream. Having the ability to repurpose content is a great investment for your business. Using the repurposed content across all platforms creates consistent branding for your company, so your audience will know where to find you and find you easily. Listen to this episode of the One Big Tip podcast and learn why you may want to create a podcast for your business or brand.

In this episode:

  • [2:02] Amani shares his love for music and his DJ background
    • Podcasting can be a springboard for other business ventures
    • It’s essential to be passionate about what you do if you want to capture the attention of your audience
  • [4:40] Twitch University has more content than just gaming
    • To create brand awareness, you need a global reach
    • Don’t be afraid to go in new and different directions
    • Being interactive with your audience is something that every audience member loves
  • [8:00] Why Amani chose the Twitch platform
    • It’s essential to do research when deciding on the social media platforms your brand will be on
    • It’s important to select the platforms where you will be the most consistent and build your brand there.
  • [10:50] Podcasts and live streams on social media allow the audience to double back and give things a second look
    • It’s important to stay top of mind of your audience
    • Lead generation is the best thing to come out of podcasts
  • [14:04] When you serve others, you make the most impact
    • The content is not always about self-promotion. Sometimes, it’s about sharing your story because it can be impactful for someone else.
    • Being authentically you is the best way to connect with your audience
  • [18:00] Content repurposing is another way to use podcasts as a tool
    • Reformatting your podcast to suit other platforms is a way to grow your brand
    • Whatever platform you choose, remain consistent and expand at a steady pace. 

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