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E259 – Learn how to keep your law firm pipeline full with lead generation and branding strategies | with Leonard Scheiner

Leonard Scheiner is a law firm marketing wiz and CEO of GeekHaus.com. He spends his days helping law firms earn millions of dollars by utilizing Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns on a national level. Using this framework, Leonard has helped his clients build authority in their field, create brand recognition and stand apart from their competition. Leonard is a Pepperdine University graduate who has worked in this niche for the past six years. He shares his framework and strategy to grow your business exponentially using digital ads and cold email campaigns so you can generate new leads, which are the lifeline of a thriving business.

Leonard decided to niche down and create a marketing agency that serves law firms’ needs in branding, lead generation, marketing, funnels, and more. As unique as his marketing agency is, so are all the different firms Leonard works with.  One thing that Leonard asks before taking a firm on as a client is if they have a clear image of who their ideal avatar is? – If the law firm can’t come up with a clear vision of who they want to target, then GeekHause works with them on developing one before revamping their website, funnel, or anything else. 

The first step as a marketer is to ensure that your client has a web presence. Each law firm that Leonard works with has a website, which is insufficient to generate leads. A law firm’s website is the first step in building a relationship of trust and expertise in the minds of their new potential clients. He wants you to view your website as a continual cash machine. Your law firm’s website should be what sells them on your services when done right. It should list your areas of expertise, past case outcomes, strategies or tactics, and testimonials. By the time they have their initial call with you, they want to confirm that they made the right choice in hiring you. 

Since placing ads has become so expensive, Leonard’s company calculates the return on your ad spend before deciding which platform to place digital ads. At GeekHaus, they refer to ad spend as a heat map calculation. It’s the first part of how he markets his clients. When he first takes on a client, they look to see how many ads they are running that are bringing in revenue. If all it’s doing is costing the firm advertising money, they shore up that part of the campaign. The second part that GeekHaus focuses on is your email list. The people on the list may not be your client right now. But they are a warmer lead than someone not on your list. That right there is something that you want to tap into as a law firm marketer. Another factor that makes an email list valuable is that it’s the only channel you own. It belongs to your firm, and no one can shut you down. So if a firm hires GeekHaus, and they don’t currently have an email list. That’s the first thing Leonard focuses on. An email list allows you to nurture leads and stay top of mind with your ideal client. It’s a resource not many firms tap into. 

The best way to grow your clientele is to be where your ideal client is. Sometimes that requires repurposing content for different platforms, but that is how you nurture each client where they are comfortable. When you tie it all together, the secret to keeping your pipeline full in a niche market is to know who your clients are, where you can find them and how to market them directly. These are all actionable tips that you can use to grow your client-based business. 

In this episode:

[2:25] Leonard explains why he chose to niche down to a narrow clientele

  • Attorneys are a service-based business, and they don’t always realize the importance of advertising
  • Law touches every aspect of our lives in one way or another. Hence, you need to market to your direct audience 
  • Every service-based company needs an online presence. 

[5:45] Your website should be an always-available cash flow machine

  • Your website is the first point of contact
  • After a client reviews your website, they should be sold on your services
  • Your website is like your front door, it needs to be inviting 

[13:01] Every business expense comes down to ROI

  • Every marketing strategy needs to be measurable 
  • Do A/B testing to determine which ads are producing positive results and shut down the ones that aren’t

[17:20] Email lists are a firm’s best asset

  • Email lists are the only asset that you own outright
  • Email lists and newsletters are the best way to nurture clients and stay top of mind

[22:12] You need to advertise to your client on the platform that speaks to them

  • Not everyone consumes material on the same channel
  • Know who your ideal client is

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