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E301 – As couple partners, recognize each other’s gifts and talents and assign resources and responsibilities based on tactics and strategies | with Kyle and Ariel Tresch

Kyle and Ariel Tresch are husband and wife digital marketing consultants who have built a thriving relationship and many thriving businesses over the last 10 years. The happy couple found themselves in a dark place a few years ago, as the everyday stresses of business began to take a toll on their relationship. Thankfully, Kyle and Ariel chose to fight for their marriage. And in doing so, they pioneered a brand new approach to doing life and business in a way that has allowed their relationship to flourish, and their businesses to skyrocket. Today, they are the founders of the mentorship company called ‘Couple Partners’, where Kyle and Ariel equip other entrepreneurial couples with proven strategies, to rapidly scale their businesses to seven figures, or more, all without compromising their relationship in the process.

Coming from what we would call humble beginnings. They were from a small town in Ohio and dated for seven years, and both had their own separate businesses during that time. After they self-funded their dream wedding in the Bahamas, which is where Ariel wanted to get married, they thought things were only going to get better from there. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite their experience. They became so focused on their individual pursuits and their businesses that they actually started to neglect their marriage. 

They launched a coaching company this year called ‘Couple Partners’ and as soon as they launched that, they had couples from all over the world coming to them. As a result, they’re able to coach and mentor other couples in business, helping them not only grow businesses but actually stay unified in their relationship every step of the way.

What they discovered was, instead of one person having to take all the spotlight, they were able to recognize each other’s gifts and talents and assign those resources and responsibilities based on those tactics and strategies that they’re great at. One of the things that were the most helpful for them was to trust each other in terms of handling each individual responsibility. When they divide the roles and tasks, being able to trust the other person to own that role and to take care of business. 

They have an ABCD formula that triggers all three areas of the brain in the right order, meaning you have to first trigger the survival area of the human brain by getting people’s attention. Once you have their attention, trigger the limbic area of the brain. And then use the neocortex in order to get people to rationally make the choice to move forward. With the ABCD formula, you can sequence your communication in such a way that motivates any buyer, any visitor, any social media, post reader, or any video watcher to take a desired action that you want them to take.

The A essentially stands for attention, you want to get their attention by sharing something that is new, something different, or something potentially dangerous.

B is for stating the benefit your audience can get from your product or service.

C stands for connection, once you get somebody’s attention, and they know clearly what the benefit is of consuming your material, trigger the limbic part of the brain by connecting with your audience. 

D is to demonstrate how you can help them because if you can get your audience to see how you can actually help them, they’ll have all the logical reasons justified to take the action you want them to take.

Kyle and Ariel want to challenge everybody that learns this, when going through the ABCD formula, to use it only for good, never use it to lie, never use it to cheat, never use it to steal, but only use it to positively influence somebody to take an action that is best for them.

In this episode:

[02:27]  How Kyle and Ariel became successful couple partners

  • Having their own separate businesses and neglecting their marriage
  • Figuring out a way to maintain unique individual purposes and unify those strengths towards an integrated goal in business

[07:46]  Having two separate businesses to figure out how to share the spotlight

  • Dealing with the fear that it might affect the relationship and working through the challenges
  • Sharing strengths and putting that into one unified vision

[10:37]  Creating a checking document that listed all the priorities

  • Doing daily strategic planning and coming to an agreement
  • Developing a communication strategy after helping many different coaches and companies grow in scale

[12:42]  How does personal growth get you to be able to trust each other

  • Taking on and respecting individual responsibility
  • Dividing roles and tasks and being able to allow the other person to take care of business

[16:48]  Applying Jedi mind tricks for good and not to psychologically manipulate people

  • Using the ABCD formula to motivate any buyer, visitor, social media, post reader, and video watcher to take a desired action that you want them to take
  • The secret behind-the-scenes sauce that nobody likes to talk about

[20:08]  The ABCD formula breakdown and how it’s used

  • A – attention, B – benefit,  – C – connection, D – demonstration, each explained in detail

[27:05]  The advantages of working together as a couple along with how marketing resonates

  • Allows going back and forth when coaching and mentoring clients
  • Having a female presence and a male presence and the perspective from both

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