E324 - Get better results, more leads, and sales by following the data and ethical scientific marketing strategies | with Josh Ramsey - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E324 – Get better results, more leads, and sales by following the data and ethical scientific marketing strategies | with Josh Ramsey

Josh Ramsey is the Business Development Manager at ClearBrand.com. A digital Marketing Agency focussed on data-driven marketing that gets results, more leads, and sales. He believes that without good marketing, businesses die and people suffer. Josh stands on the shoulders of giants who have done the research and have the experience. He is here to share these truths and practical tools to help businesses thrive because he believes that entrepreneurs and marketers with ethical and scientific marketing strategies can change the world. With the framework of building memories, maximizing availability, and reaching the market, by revealing simple and profound questions to assist in strategic marketing efforts. He also runs a podcast show, focusing on building relationships and adding value in the marketing space.

ClearBrand is not just laser-focused on getting the answers that clients are looking for, right on the first day but arrives with the right questions. What they have done is built a system that can implement the finding of those answers using very good questions. Making sure that the strategies their clients and companies use throughout the marketplace get them the results that they need for leads and sales.

On both the creative and scientific sides, they have a great framework to apply the approach of getting marketing results, called the Clear Brand Marketing Flywheel. The best way to get creativity across is to start with building memories, and they use stories to do that. They light up their customer’s brains with stories and connect with them emotionally. Using distinctive designs to ensure that they are recognizable and memorable. When customers move into a buying moment, they are ready. Following downstream marketing actions to return much more value, less marketing, more time, less waste, and more leads in sales. 

When working with any client, Josh will focus on questions and the first thing he will do is send them a comparative survey. Using stories to communicate and figure out where their sales are currently working, if they are a start-up, and what the competitors are doing. Gathering loads of information by constantly researching the product or service industry space that they’re in. The team will look at existing competitors and compile the initial strategy for building out the brand, or changing the way the brand is positioned without changing it much. This is the first step of collecting data to build out something recognizable and memorable. Once building out a solid foundation with story and design, they will make the offer available everywhere, making it easy for customers to buy the product or service. 

The story lights up seven parts of the human brain as opposed to just facts and figures, which only light up two. The core of the story connects cause and effect. Getting people to recognize why they care about you, reaching as many users as possible, and looking at what the data tells them. Going back to the story and building more connections with more users. Understanding how to scale your income through connections and having a frame of how to apply creative balance with systems and structures that are sustainable and profitable.

In this episode:

[01:39] Josh explains what Clear Brand is all about

  • Building a system to implement the finding of answers using great questions. 
  • Results for clients and companies that they are looking for become leads and sales. 

[04:03] Doing avatar work and going back to basics to figure out their ideal clients.

  • The first thing when working with any client is to send them a comparative survey. 
  • Using ‘story’ to communicate with customers. 

[07:22] When tracking all interactions on an app. 

  • Collecting data and feedback to make decisions based on evidence. 
  • Maximizing availability to build out a solid foundation with story and design.

[12:23] Looking at the importance of tagline, broken down into multiple subgroups and avatars.

  • Leaning into the idea of the niche or avatar, but being aware of word focus.
  • Growing a great brand lies in the need to maximize as much of the market as possible. 

[16:48] Having fundamental approaches to help avoid downstream.

  • When hitting the nexus of owning the data, understanding it, and creating that story.
  • Having desired income to reinvest and open up other user demographics in the market. 

[20:57] The beauty of the market is that excellence should be the ticket to play for everyone.

  • The most fundamental question to ask is, is this product/service excellent by changing people’s lives?
  • The marketplace should be entry-level.

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