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E331 – Know what you do and why because owning your genius is all about habits and not natural talent | with Kevin Kepple

Kevin Kepple is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and the founder of Kepple Coaching. Kevin has coached thousands of people with a great tool called Strings Finders, which gives you insight into your highest best self, truly owning your natural talents and pointing all of your creative energy to evolve into higher levels of freedom. Through the Kepple Coaching Programs, Kevin works with leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners. They are helping to unlock their genius and maximize the success and impact they have to increase their revenue. His coaching and training teach others to work as a team and become leaders of leaders, finding freedom from their thoughts to be their best selves. 

Kevin’s passion is working alongside people that are feeling stuck in some area of their business or life and helping them get unstuck to find that flow and convert that into real-world abundance and wealth. He focuses on two questions when it comes to leadership, the first is: What do you do and why? This shows your purpose. If you can’t answer those very simply, then you don’t understand them. If you don’t know what you want, how would you know if you got it? 

Secondly, how are you mixing generosity into this? Once you’re clear on what it is you want, then you need to understand what’s stopping you from getting it. Where are your actions and behaviors misaligned with it? The goal is not perfection, it’s to be better than you were yesterday. Owning your genius is to do with habits and not just natural talent. Kevin uses StrengthFinders as an assessment tool. Looking at natural talents on a report always shows the same 34 talents just in a different order. What’s rare is people who use those talents on demand as strengths and have great potential for elite performance. Be aware of your talents and don’t play the comparison game, because it’s the thief of joy. 

Master the skill of choosing love over fear, because every action we’ve ever taken came from one of those two places. It was either fear-based and it’s a reaction and resistance, or it’s love based and it is creation and acceptance. When you react and create resistance, then you just repeat a past pattern or behavior that’s not serving you. Resistance leads to stress because energy flows to the path of least resistance. That’s why water flows downhill. When you create a pathway to Creation and do the hard things and make that normal, then that’s the path of least resistance, and that’s where all your energy’s going to flow. Whatever you’re focused on, you’ll create more of. Fear will manifest as anger, guilt, shame, remorse, apathy, pride, and ego. Choosing love is really powerful because when you treat people with unconditional love, it’s about humanity. Connect with people and build mutually beneficial co-creating relationships. 

In this episode:

[01:40] Kevin tells his story about getting where he is today

  • Hiring coaches to coach him because he wanted to go further faster
  • Get insight into what your best self looks like and truly own your natural talents

[03:34] How poor leaders and great leaders need help

  • Being demotivated can cause you to quit and create immense problems
  • If you’re good, to know what skills to brush up on

[05:00] Knowing what you want and what you’re passionate about

  • Finding a better way and helping people see what better looks like
  • Assessing your strengths and what is already awesome, and then amplifying that

[06:40] Owning your genius has much more to do with habits than it does with natural talent

  • Seeing thousands of reports with the same 34 talents just in a different order 
  • Don’t fall into a comparison game because you’ll either feel inferior or superior 

[09:05] Choosing love over fear allows you to create, accept and move forward

  • Creating resistance is repeating a past pattern that’s not serving you
  • Fear manifests as anger, guilt, shame, remorse, apathy, pride, and ego

[15:09] Kevin shares that when someone took his assessments and leveled up through his program

  • Working with a powerful CEO with tons of success but she was really stressed 
  • Using your natural sources of energy is the most powerful version of creative output

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