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E333 – Optimize your health by understanding your body, aligning your mind and body, and navigating the world of nutrition | with Olesya Wilson

Olesya Wilson has developed a unique approach to helping people improve their health and well-being. She is a certified nutritionist, functional diagnostic practitioner, and energy healer. Her approach integrates cutting-edge lab testing, the latest discoveries in biological science, ancient herbal medicine, and revolutionary psychosomatic and energy healing practices. Through her approach, Olesya helps people reverse the aging process and end chronic health problems, allowing them to thrive and enjoy a better quality of life.

Originally from Russia, Olesya now resides in Florida with her family, which includes two children, two dogs, and her spouse. She focuses on the mind, body, and soul connection. Her holistic approach encourages individuals to start by investing in their physical state to enhance their overall journey. Olesya specializes in promoting balance and harmony and empowering individuals to take control of their health. She believes that it is important not to blindly trust others regarding one’s body, but to personally understand what is happening within it. 

This understanding can be achieved through test results, being in touch with what your body is communicating to you, taking hold of your inner self, and being proactive in your journey. Olesya suggests that self-observation and discovery are key to understanding your purpose and excitement in life. Testing can provide different paths, but it is ultimately up to the individual to make informed decisions about their health. She argues that if an individual’s soul doesn’t align with the results they see around them, it does not indicate a problem. Instead, it may signify a desire for more self-discovery and exploration. By embracing this mindset, you can break free of limiting beliefs and uncover your true potential.

Olesya’s approach to wellness involves using lab tests to identify potential imbalances in neurotransmitters, hormones, and mood. However, it’s most important to trust your own experience over the results of a lab test. Her experience with different diets, including dry fasting, emphasizes the importance of proper digestion for overall good physical condition. Digestion starts with the brain, and individuals must be mindful of the thoughts they allow into their minds by aligning the mind and body and practicing precision healing. 

Having a clear and healthy body leads to a clear mind and better leadership qualities. By removing harmful substances such as parasites, infections, and heavy metals, individuals can transform their environment and improve their overall well-being. It is crucial to experiment and find what works best for your own body. Practicing new habits for at least three weeks to see how they affect your body and being mindful of not letting others influence your choices. Enjoying the journey toward better health, wealth, and relationships instead of solely focusing on the end result.

In this episode:

[2:00] Understanding your body and how different foods or products interact with it.

  • Blood tests and other diagnostic tools are utilized to gain a deeper understanding.
  • How you can refocus your energy to live a better life. 

[4:00] Achieving a higher level by aligning the mind, body, and soul for precision healing.

  • Lab tests are used to gain insights, but a person’s beliefs are valued as most important.
  • Digestion is critical, even thoughts and stress can have an impact on it.

[6:00] Maintaining healthy habits during stressful periods.

  • Regaining a significant change in energy levels.
  • Treating the body as an investment.

[8:00] Taking a critical approach to evaluating information and questioning its sources.

  • Consulting with trusted experts to help verify the information.
  • Be mindful and selective to distinguish between what your body needs.

[10:00] Experiment with different approaches but stay true to your core values and goals.

  • New habits and dietary changes need two to three weeks for evaluation.
  • Listen to your body and trust its signals to determine what works best for you.

[12:00] Experiment with different approaches and don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • When it comes to changing your approach to nutrition and health.
  • Be mindful of misinformation and illusions in the world of health and nutrition by approaching new information with a critical eye.

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