E342 - As the whole landscape is changing, real estate agents need to know the power of social media | with John Mendez - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E342 – As the whole landscape is changing, real estate agents need to know the power of social media | with John Mendez

John Mendez is the Podcast Host of Walk 2 Wealth Podcast and the Founder of Stop and Stare Media where he helps entrepreneurs explore their influence through effective social media marketing strategies. Social media is at the forefront of all things marketing and rules the minds of most people. He believes in grabbing people’s attention and making them stop and stare. As a licensed Realtor, John has a deep understanding of the Real Estate market, real estate investing, creative negotiation strategies, and interpreting clients’ wants and needs. His direct approach is to assess his clients’ situations in order to best assist them through the real estate process whether they’re looking to sell, buy, invest, or rent.

Instead of teaching himself how to build up his credit, how to get a proper bank account, or how to invest in index funds, John decided to leave college and start his real estate classes. He pursued entrepreneurship when the entire world was going through uncertainty. It’s been about two years now since he’s been in the entrepreneur world.

John wanted to get into wholesaling. During a break between his fall and spring semester, he signed up for a wholesaling course. It was about 500 dollars and he got his LLC filed with his domain name and his logo. John spoke to a couple of attorneys and there was only one that understood what he was talking about, but he knew the books without actually understanding investing. You can’t sell property on the market without an active real estate license in Connecticut. As long as you are off-market, wholesaling is entirely legal. 

After scraping the idea, his mentor taught him how to get a real estate license. He decided to use it to become a top Agent and with the money, he started investing. He sold more houses and eventually, he went into public speaking. This is where he wanted to be in the long run. He then started teaching social media classes to hundreds of realtors. He kicked off his podcast while still working at a restaurant part-time. After some self-reflection, he found that he got the most fulfillment from spreading his message about building a wealthy, abundant life and helping other people his age get into entrepreneurship.

John’s big tip is how to plan a year’s worth of content in under 30 minutes, suggesting to start with your ideal Avatar. This will generate a giant list of things that people are looking for. The next step is to go on ChatGPT and generate those questions. It’s important to fact-check everything because ChatGPT is limited to the data being input. Take every question that you get from Answer the Public and then tell ChatGPT to create a 30 to 60-minute video outline for each video. From a long video, you now have short-form content to be repurposed that can hit so many platforms and be pretty much everywhere at the same time. 

He believes the main problem with social media is people get too caught up in creating the reel. They may have their funnel set up wrong. Starting off with the short form content, or a new TikTok, or a new short.  When you want to market most efficiently, start from the top of the funnel, which is supposed to be long-form content. Sooner or later people are going to start getting sick of short-form content and look for the longer form of content. It’s a double whammy because you’ll be prepping for the next stage of marketing, getting shorts from long-form videos, with less content that people are desiring right now. Staying in the trends and also ahead for the next trend.

In this episode:

[01:46] John shares how he got into the Personal Finance rabbit hole.

  • Growing up money was never something that he talked about.
  • With the entire world being uncertain and the only thing he was certain of was himself.

[04:32] How John got into Wholesaling, got his LLC filed, his domain name, and his logo.

  • Speaking to Attorneys, most of which didn’t know anything he was talking about. 
  • Scraping the idea and getting a mentor to help him on a one-on-one call.

[08:27] The reason why most agents leave the business.

  • John’s big thing is to convince people of the obvious.
  • Pursuing fulfillment is something that he had to do, and check his ego.

[12:00] Take all questions from “Answer the Public” and then tell “Chat GPT”.

  • Repurpose to hit many platforms and then be pretty much everywhere at the same time.
  • All you have to do is show up and talk, and then you outsource the rest.

[16:00] John explains how he gets others to achieve success.

  • Doing a GPT course 2 weeks before real estate masterminds posted an article about it.
  • Being ahead of the curve and two steps ahead of the game.

[18:16] John predicts that sooner or later people will get short-form video fatigue. 

  • Prepping for the next stage of marketing.
  • Training people who may not have grown up with this to catch up.

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