E343 - Being first to market and identifying new digital avenues positions your business to grow | with Ruben Alvarez - Jeff Mendelson | Automation Superhero

E343 – Being first to market and identifying new digital avenues positions your business to grow | with Ruben Alvarez

Ruben Alvarez is an American Entrepreneur and Founder of The Marketing Hunters, a Marketing and Advertising Agency working with B2B and B2C customers to grow their digital marketing and create dynamic and powerful brands. He is the author of the international book, Brand Sharks: Unstoppable strategies from industry leaders, which has been featured in Forbes and other news outlets. Ruben is also a public speaker and has had his own Ted X Talk on the importance of building hard skills to create long-lasting confidence. He understands the benefits of a distribution model and that retargeting will deliver a higher sales outcome. Ruben teaches that sales will bring you money, but your brand will leave a legacy.

After working for a manufacturing company for eight years and not making it to Partner, Ruben got a  coach on board and they started a digital marketing company. They soon realized that there were a lot of people willing to do social media marketing. Creating content and putting out posts with not much thought behind them. They started focusing on doing things differently to see what people are really looking for. They realized about three years ago that people were starting to make a big push on branding and they set up a branding system. 

When it comes to different outlets that people have available nowadays and how they position themselves, Ruben dove into penetrating those tiny markets that people might be browsing. Seeing different avenues pop up like Tiktok, and then short-form videos. Instagram doing shops, and the metaverse. Not to exploit them but to see how they can help people grow in those particular ways. To identify these new avenues for people to grow. That’s how they have been successful. They are able to target these things before anybody else, being first to market to really benefit not only themselves but also their customers.

Whether you’re niching down, like some people only focusing on digital marketing for certain industries, or only do social media marketing or SEO’ing.  Clients might not even realize what they need, or they may need a mixture of things and that is where Ruben and his team come in. Knowing what platform will be a better fit and is willing to put in the time and invest in creating the content. Putting automation in place can help not only you as a digital agency owner, but help run your business and help your clients track their metrics and the efforts that they’re putting in, to see if they’re actually bearing fruit. Building long-term relationships and guiding their clients. Implementing the right tools to get the best results and offering a basket of services.

In this episode:

[02:06] Getting a coach and starting a digital marketing company.

  • Most people are willing to do social media marketing, create content and post it.
  • The threshold of what people are willing to pay is $500 a month.

[06:29] Identifying patterns and seeing how fast people adopt new tech.

  •  Within the five stages where TikTok may be the first 30% of the early adopters.
  • Looking in depth to see what is a trend.

[09:33] When you’re invested in creating content.

  • Understanding which platform will be a better hit.
  • Being limited on time or money.

[12:08] Automation will help to scale a lot faster. 

  • Grow through your processes and sales channel to track the metrics.
  • Getting out mass brand awareness versus trying to remember but forget. 

[15:10] HubSpot can automate initial sales emails and follow-up emails within two or three days.

  • Getting creative with your sales automation tools to do menial tasks.
  • Be riskier with automation for social media growth and to contact more people.

[20:34] When you implement these tools and processes what kind of result do you get?

  • Using automation to just like people’s posts and keep track of every single person.
  • Growing with 500 actual friends and having real conversations.

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