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E351 – Get over it! Embracing the discomfort of change, insights from a keynote speaker | with Anne Bonney

Anne Bonney is a renowned Keynote Speaker at Your Change Speaker, and the Author of GET OVER IT! 47 Tips for Embracing the Discomfort of Change, she is an authority on managing change confidently and with resilience. Her empowering keynotes and interactive live and virtual workshops ignite and inspire organizations to be more emotionally intelligent and adaptive through transitions. With relatable stories from growing up overseas, running international marathons, and volunteering at an elephant sanctuary, Anne has worked with major companies and organizations, tailoring her presentations to audiences of all sizes. With clients including Under Armour, Marriott Hotels, and Wells Fargo, Anne is a proven leader, effective educator, and mindset-shifting presenter who can catalyze powerful change in organizations and people’s lives. 

Anne believes that her life experiences have given her a unique perspective on dealing with change and uncertainty. She feels that many people become paralyzed by the unknowns in their lives and cannot reach their full potential. After leaving the corporate world, she decided to use her knowledge and expertise to help others become more resilient and embrace change. Whether through teaching or running around the world, Anne wants people to be happy and fulfilled in their lives. Despite her desire to help others, Anne admits her motivation is ultimately selfish.

In her keynote speeches, Anne works towards normalizing the fear and discomfort that come with change and uncertainty. She acknowledges that our brains are wired to seek safety in familiarity, which can make it challenging to embrace the unknown. Anne introduces her audience to her inner voice of doubt, Sally, and explains how this voice can remind us of past failures and possible negative outcomes. Overcoming this voice and the social pressures that come with it can be daunting. However, she encourages people to identify what is right for them and work towards achieving it, even if it goes against what society or their inner voice may be telling them. By acknowledging their fears and doubts, people can overcome them and move towards a more fulfilling life.

By acknowledging and accepting one’s fears and discomforts before tackling them you can shift your thinking to the logical part of the brain, allowing for productive conversations with your inner voice of doubt. Anne believes in talking over Sally, reminding her of past successes, and focusing on everything that can go right. She believes that having these conversations and understanding where fear comes from helps bring in the logical part of the brain to make rational decisions.

Anne’s expertise in delivering keynotes and working with large groups was evident in her work with a small northern Michigan bank that was struggling with change post-COVID. Despite having a family-like culture and employees who had been doing their job the same way for 20-30 years, the bank needed to adapt to new ways of delivering services and interacting with customers. She recognized the natural resistance to change and worked with the team to build support for one another. She also introduced her “problem plan, punch it” approach, which emphasized acknowledging the problem, taking ownership, and taking action. Through this process, the bank could move forward and eventually feel more comfortable with the change.

She believes taking ownership and responsibility for your situation is key to being more resilient, happier, stronger, and healthier. As a leader, role modeling this behavior is important in helping others to take ownership as well. Studies have shown that people who take ownership are more likely to have better outcomes in their lives, both for personal well-being and happiness as well as professional success at work.

In this episode:

[3:00] Anne’s experiences have given her confidence in how to deal with change, which she now 

uses to help people become more resilient and happier.

  • Anne is a keynote speaker, podcaster, and author.
  • She helps people embrace change and become happier, regardless of their profession or lifestyle.

[6:00] Overcoming societal pressure to pursue what feels right, even if it goes against 

expectations and involves risk-taking.

  • Introducing the inner voice of doubt, and overcoming negative messages.
  • Normalizing discomfort and fear of change, as it is the brain’s way of keeping us safe.

[9:00] Focus on taking action toward your goals, utilizing techniques such as visualization and 

positive affirmations.

  • The journey of successful people, including their struggles and obstacles.
  • The importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success.

[12:00] Anne recommends revisiting past successes to remind oneself of their capabilities.

  • Accomplish tasks even if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about them.
  • She acknowledges both her successes and failures and takes ownership of them.

[15:00] Continue taking steps and move forward towards the goal, even if the path is not easy.

  • Introducing the “Problem Plan Punch It” approach to taking ownership and taking action toward a solution.
  • Discussing ways to build a team that supports each other during change.

[17:00] Taking ownership and responsibility for one’s situation leads to greater resilience, 

happiness, strength, and overall well-being.

  • The role of the leader in inspiring employees to adopt a positive and proactive approach to work and life.
  • Creating a fun and profitable atmosphere for clients to feel satisfied and happy.

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