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E361 – Strategies, frameworks, and hiring tips for Entrepreneurs to master business growth | with Gary Garth

Gary Garth is a serial entrepreneur, founder, CEO, and angel investor known for his sales, marketing, and startup acceleration expertise. He is the founder of Great Dane Ventures, The Accelerator Platform, and 360° Solutions for Behavioral Health Centers elev8.io, which offer incubator programs, advisory services, and proprietary technology to help high-potential startups go to market, scale, and become profitable. With a remarkable story of entrepreneurial success, Gary has been featured in prominent publications like Inc., Forbes, and Success. He has started and successfully exited six companies since 2002, including large outbound sales call centers, radio advertising networks, and an award-winning, eight-figure digital marketing agency. He is also the author of “The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint” book and “The Goals, Grit & Greatness” planner. Gary was born in Denmark and currently resides in Medellín, Colombia, where he continues to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and greatness. 

Gary understands the challenges of scaling a business as an entrepreneur. With years of experience in the field, he has developed a comprehensive approach to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses beyond a million dollars while avoiding burnout. When entrepreneurs approach him for advice on increasing sales or optimizing their revenue, Gary starts by emphasizing the importance of data. He believes that entrepreneurs need to document their processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement systems that can act as a catalyst to empower the right activities and behaviors. With 25 sales and marketing metrics, Gary helps entrepreneurs build a framework to scale their businesses successfully.

As a seasoned sales expert, Gary understands that finding the right salesperson is crucial for any business looking to scale its revenue. He shares his insights on hiring top-performing sales reps and rather than relying solely on their skillset, Gary suggests focusing on their attributes and attitude. He recommends looking for competitive candidates who have a passion for something outside of work, indicating their ability to learn and comprehend information and communicate effectively. Additionally, Gary stresses the importance of coachability in potential hires. To assess this, he conducts role-play sessions with hypothetical case studies, providing pointers for improvement and evaluating how receptive the candidates are to feedback.

Gary believes that less experienced candidates can become top-performing sales reps by focusing on these attributes, attitude, and coachability. With the right coaching framework and processes in place, businesses can enable their sales team to achieve success and drive revenue growth. Ultimately, Gary’s approach emphasizes the importance of looking beyond an applicant’s resume and identifying the qualities that will make them successful in a specific role.

Strategic marketing and securing the right message to the right people at the right time are crucial. Many companies fail to define their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and understand their audience’s psychographics, demographics, and firmographics. He recommends creating an avatar to understand where potential customers can be found and their typical problems. He also suggests doing mystery shopping to analyze the leading companies’ pitches, strengths, pricing, and unique selling proposition. Furthermore, Gary emphasizes the significance of having a solid set of discovery questions to hone in on potential pain points or opportunities for improvement. He believes that sales leaders must create a vision for their prospects and help them realize their targets. Gary concludes by stating that there is no silver bullet and that the sales process involves implementing various strategies to succeed.

Gary specializes in B2B sales, mental health, and addiction treatment and works on honing in on the right leads and developing systems to ensure that leads don’t fall through the cracks with his company: elev8.io. Garth also trained the sales team to use principles of persuasion such as social proof, urgency, and scarcity. The result was a significant increase in the lead conversion rate, which led to a thousand percent increase in incremental ROI. Garth’s approach highlights the importance of optimizing existing systems and maximizing profitability.

In this episode:

[03:00] Scaling a business requires a significant shift in mindset and management style with 

each stage of growth.

  • Being aware of potential burnout and prioritizing balancing their workload and managing stress.
  • Identifying the starting point and inflection points is crucial for entrepreneurs to understand milestones.

[06:00] Understanding your sales cycle and how to deliver your product or service effectively.

  • Reducing churn is an essential part of maintaining profitability in a business.
  • Frameworks provide entrepreneurs with a guide, allowing them to focus on growth strategies for their businesses.

[09:00] Conduct role-play sessions to assess a candidate’s problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Look for passion and competitive nature in candidates.
  • When hiring, focus on attributes and attitude over just skills and experience.

[12:00] Doing mystery shopping to understand the pitch of leading companies in the niche.

  • Emphasis on defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and creating an avatar to understand the audience’s psychographics, demographics, and firmographics.
  • Strategic marketing by securing the right message to the right people at the right time.

[15:00] Helping an international Colombian addiction treatment center refocus.

  • Going into an ROI calculation process to understand if lead efficiency can be increased.
  • Improve lead conversion rates by focusing on the right leads, automating processes, and training the team on persuasive principles to Increase sales success.

[17:00] Applying top sales performers’ methods to other reps, as 2/3 reps don’t hit their targets.

  • Analyzing lead conversion rate and average treatment cost, was able to increase their ROI by over a thousand percent.
  • Helping a Colombian addiction treatment center optimize its existing framework instead of focusing on new marketing channels.

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