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E362 – Insights from an award-winning brand consultant on building a strong marketing strategy | with Megan Prejzner

Megan Prejzner’s passion for helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential stems from her own personal journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. She believes everyone has a unique purpose and path in life, and she strives to empower others to discover and embrace their authentic selves. As the founder and CEO of Hackett Brand Consulting, Megan has honed her skills in brand strategy and marketing, working with a diverse range of clients from Fortune 50 companies to independent thought leaders. Her award-winning agency is known for its innovative approach to branding and marketing, which emphasizes authenticity and human connection. In addition to her work with Hackett Brand Consulting, Megan also founded Local, a marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses succeed. She is committed to using her expertise to support and uplift entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. 

Megan initially focused on working with publicly traded companies but soon found herself drawn to the local business community in Denver, Colorado. Recognizing that the agency model didn’t work for small businesses, Megan shifted her approach to a grassroots marketing strategy that leverages her experience working with large brands to help local businesses break through to the next level of growth. She finds great satisfaction in seeing small businesses thrive and considers them the bread and butter of the economy.

She highlights the freedom and creativity that comes with collaborating with local brands and small businesses, where ideas can be executed quickly without having to go through the checks and balances that are common in big brands. Megan is especially impressed with the rise of local businesses on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, where they can capitalize on trends and go viral without getting held up by the bureaucracy of big brands. She sees this as a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to get noticed and make an impact in their local communities.

Megan understands the struggles of business owners who are overwhelmed with marketing tactics. Starting with a strategy that is tailored to the business’s specific goals, audience, and needs is crucial. While jumping into every marketing channel available may be tempting, Megan advises against this approach, as it can lead to overanalysis paralysis and poor results. Instead, she suggests starting with one channel and becoming proficient at it before adding more channels to the mix. By doing this, businesses can ensure that they focus on the most effective marketing tactics and drive their goals forward.

She emphasizes the importance of strategy in marketing and choosing the right tactics to achieve business goals. Suggesting focusing on one channel, building upon it rather than trying to be all things to all people and advises against over-analyzing data and instead recommends starting with a strategic mindset. Honing in on the right channels and building efficiency in their marketing efforts. Businesses should add and grow as they get the nuts and bolts figured out, not stay stuck on the one tactic they started with. Focusing on building and expanding their strategies and using them as a foundation to build upon. By adopting this approach, businesses can climb the marketing mountain, maximize their return on investment and set themselves up for success.

Megan has experience working with both small and big businesses in developing their marketing strategies. One of her favorite local business clients is a wedding dress shop, where they worked together to create a social media plan that focused on a handful of channels to drive people back to their shop. After five years, the business has expanded its online presence and is killing it on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Whether it’s a small or big business, Megan understands the importance of starting with one key needle mover and building around it to grow and expand the marketing strategy.

In this episode:

[03:00] Megan initially tried to fit local businesses into the agency model.

  • She has experience working with both big national brands and local businesses.
  • Megan helps big brands navigate through the catalyst of change. 

[06:00] Applying lessons learned from big brands to smaller businesses can have successful 


  • Let experts take the leash in unconventional and effective marketing strategies.
  • Small businesses often have more freedom with social media.

[09:00] Grassroots marketing strategies that are different from big national brands.

  • Taking an unconventional approach to market to gain more earned media.
  • Starting with a solid strategy that aligns with the business goals and avoids overanalyzing the data.

[12:00] Have a balance of analysis and action for progress.

  • Focusing on one tactic doesn’t mean ignoring another tactic.
  • The strategy should come first and should be aligned with the business goals.

[15:00] Navigating regulations on social media is risky, rather focus on building your email list.

  • It’s important to remember how to hedge against the future, or if you get shut down.
  • Your email list is the only platform you truly own, everything else is borrowed.

[18:00] Focus on a small select handful of channels rather than spreading yourself thin.

  • Even large, established brands can feel overwhelmed by marketing.
  • For influencer marketing, start with the right high-profile influencers to propel your event forward and build the rest of the program around them.

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