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E67 – Teri Pfleger / Owner at Chiropractic Social Media Marketing

Teri Pfleger’s passion for natural and alternative health care has led her into marketing for these fields and sharing her expertise with others. However, her One Big Tip for generating traffic and sales can be useful for any industry that is looking for greater marketing success.

Creating the Funnel

Teri is the owner of Chiropractic Social Media Marketing, which specializes in marketing for health-related businesses. With a background and lifestyle centered around alternative forms of healthcare, Teri saw how she could pass on information to others about obtaining more patients through marketing.

Thanks to her passion, this outreach was natural and fulfilling to Teri since, according to her, “you do your best work when you're an expert at it.” While each business has its own goals, she notes that many pursue this career because they have a passion for helping others and reaching out to their community.

Because of this, she prioritizes establishing good relationships with all her clients. She started her social media firm with the goal of “not just driving traffic, but driving traffic that converts for return on investment.” To this end, Teri works individually with each client to talk about their needs and goals and what steps they need to take to create an effective sales funnel for their potential customers.

Effectively Directing Traffic

This “funnel” is the process by which potential customers interact with the site or company until they eventually purchase a product or service. According to Teri, pre-planning is the most important part of this process, and her One Big Tip for creating this sales plan is to ask the right questions.

She states that the most important questions to ask the client or company are “what is your avatar” and “what is your front-end offer.” The avatar is basically the target demographic or the ideal patient or consumer for the service or product. Teri values the relationship her clients have with their customers as their avatars can often be more detailed and specific, which makes it easier to target specific demographics on social media.

In addition to asking questions to get a better understanding of her client’s vision and company, she also talks to them about the various ways to reach out to potential patients. Teri recommends using not only social media platforms like Facebook for marketing but also utilizing text marketing.

She has found that text marketing has been even more successful than email marketing because the messages are more easily seen and less likely to be ignored. She states that the key to companies getting these numbers in the first place is to know who they are marketing to and the “pain point” of that population, and finally to give them a good offer.

To learn more about Teri’s marketing techniques, you can visit her website or find her company on Facebook under Chiropractic Social Media Marketing.