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E69 – Tom Antion / President at Antion & Associates

Tom Antion is so dedicated to marketing education that he has created his own licensed online marketing school. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Tom has also built up a mentoring program and shares his One Big Tip on mentoring and educating others about marketing.

An Education Opportunity

Tom Antion is a remarkable person, not only in his success and achievement as a multimillionaire marketing expert but also in how he has been able to put his ideas into practice. Because he was dissatisfied with other online marketing programs, he decided to go above and beyond simply providing information and services. Instead, he founded his own licensed online school.

Unlike other online marketing schools, Tom makes it a priority to update the curriculum and stay up to date on all of the latest and ever-changing marketing trends, with an emphasis on quality content. The school is only online at the moment, but he is working towards establishing an in-person school and campus. Through Tom’s passion, he has created a unique space where marketing is accessible to people with the assurance of quality, relevant education.

How to Mentor Successfully

Tom prefers the term “mentor” to titles like “coach” or “mastermind,” since he feels that those terms are often thrown around without meaning. According to Tom, the best time to start mentoring is when people are already asking you for help. He says, “a lot of times people that start these are already getting asked to help because they've shown expertise. That’s the perfect time to do it because you've got an audience already ready to go.”

His One Big Tip for starting this kind of program is to create a repository. This is basically like an archive of the information you have put out to people over time. He recommends recording anything you are saying to a client and adding it to your repository, creating a database to pull from when someone wants expert advice. In this way, you can send files, videos, and relevant information to people without having to repeat the same things for each client.

This provides a manageable and meaningful customer interaction because, as Tom puts it, “they feel like they're getting taken care of because they're talking to you, but you're not just saying the same stuff over and over.” Additionally, Tom is all about keeping his clients by giving them a good experience with his services, such as offering what he calls the Great Internet Marketing Retreat. Providing these “experiences” that people can’t get anywhere else has continued to add to his success by enticing more people to join.

You can learn more about what Tom does at his podcast website www.screwthecommute.com where he posts training sessions and interviews. You can also find information about the online school and his marketing retreat on this website. Additionally, you can visit his website www.greatinternetmarketingtraining.com for even more marketing information.