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E71 – Ken Kerry | Owner, CEO at Script to Screen

Ken Kerry knows that large online marketplaces can use consumer data to the detriment of smaller sellers. Because of this, he has founded his own successful direct-to-consumer agency to help businesses keep up a relationship with their customers. Now, he shares his One Big Tip on how to best utilize this channel.

The Consumer Data Gold Mine

Ken Kerry is a best-selling author and a proponent of direct-to-consumer marketing, which he defines as “the ability to have a connection directly to the person who’s buying your product or service.” 

This method is unlike that of Target or Amazon, where the producer has little to no contact with the consumers and the larger store has access to the customer’s data. This data is extremely valuable and can be used to market future products as well as promote certain items and deals to the consumer. 

However, without direct-to-consumer marketing, the original producer can’t use this to their advantage. Ken acknowledges this, saying that “being out there is one thing, but you have to get something back so you can contact that customer again.” This can be as simple as an email address, which provides a direct channel of communication. Directly communicating with consumers who are willing to seek out quality products and convincing them that they are purchasing something of value is essential for keeping customers and growing your business. 

Protecting Your Business by Controlling Your Message

Knowing this, Ken’s One Big Tip is to build up your direct-to-consumer marketing channel for two main reasons. 

First, because “it insulates you from being vulnerable to those other market places,” and it also “gives you the ability to control your own message.” In order to accomplish this, Ken advises businesses to know very clearly “how to create a selling message for your product or service and how you are going to get your customers’ attention.” 

This is a crucial detail because people should understand what makes your product or service different from the competition’s and they should have a reason to do business with you. With direct-to-consumer marketing, you have the ability to manipulate this message in a way that you wouldn’t with a larger marketplace like Amazon’s. 

Next, you should be able to draw people in with a sense of urgency, such as a discount or a limited time deal, to provide consumers with a positive shopping experience. Ken’s final advice is that businesses have to be smart and efficient by “talking to your customer directly, and nurturing that relationship.” Figuring out what your customers want to buy and then providing a quality item and experience will bring about a loyal customer base that is not dependent on any other market. 

To learn more about Ken and his tips on direct-to-consumer marketing, you can visit his website at www.scripttoscreen.com or message him on Instagram @kenpkerry or on LinkedIn at Ken Kerry. You can also learn more about DTC marketing through his bestselling book This Works Marketing on audible.