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E73 – Amanda Webster | Mind/Body Coach and Yoga Instructor

For Amanda Webster, staying cool, motivated, and productive is not just about making a checklist, it’s also how you can effectively manage your time in order to complete tasks simultaneously. Take a look as she shares her One Big Tip that has helped her successfully navigate life with mindfulness.

The Road to Happiness

As a mind, body, and wellness coach, Amanda seeks to prioritize mental health in the midst of s busy work life. Though she started out doing yoga and became a certified coach in 2011, her life reached a low point in which she began to question her career choice. 

However, the turning point came after her therapist told her she would never be happy, and Amanda felt a strong urge to prove them wrong. This drive allowed her to overcome demotivation and mental illness by using fitness, nutrition, and tools from her prior wellness training. Since then, she has been able to find that passion once again and see success in her accomplishments while promoting balance through mindful working and living. 

From Multitasking to Muti-Stacking

Now that Amanda is back to juggling many tasks and goals, from yoga, to parenting, and everything in between, she has worked out a system to help her stay on task. Her One Big Tip for keeping everything balanced is to learn, “how to not multitask, but how to bundle tasks throughout the day,” and how to triage other tasks. 

Bundling tasks, or “stacking” as Amanda calls it, begins with mindfulness. This means that she understands what kind of tasks can be accomplished together to increase mental focus on the task, while simultaneously completing another task or work that needs to be done. 

For example, she might watch videos or listen to a podcast about something she is interested in learning while going for a run or cleaning the house at the same time. “You can do more than one thing at once without risking being completely mindless,” she reassures. 

Apart from stacking, Amanda has also learned the importance of triaging her day into the most important tasks. This means breaking down your to-do list into negotiable and non-negotiable tasks to be completed for the day. While a standard checklist is good to have, breaking down everything in this way can help you take control of your day instead of being anxious about making sure everything on the list gets done. If you would like to learn more about Amanda as a wellness and lifestyle coach, you can visit her website www.amandawebsterhealth.com where you can contact her and sign up for a weekly newsletter. You can also find her on Instagram @amandawebsterhealth, or check out her YouTube channel where she posts informative videos at www.youtube.com/amandawebsterhealth.