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E76 – Kim Ades | President & Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching

As the founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, Kim Ades has a particularly unique way of coaching her clients. Her One Big Tip involves a method of journaling which you can use to advance your company growth and client interactions.

The Journaling Journey

Kim Ades has 16 years of professional experience in her field, and when she first started out, she knew she wanted to be a coach that made a difference to others instead of one easily forgotten. As her career developed, she thought that reading the journals of her clients would help her better understand and help them according to their needs. 

This led to her eventually developing her own secure software to implement in her company and market to others called Journal Engine. While journaling at its most basic form is simply writing down your thoughts, the kind of journaling Kim talks about is more like “a strategic tool that helps you get your head in the game and helps you move towards your goals more effectively.” 

Her One Big Tip through this type of journaling is for business owners to, as she puts it, “dump, and then dump the dump.” By this, she encourages you to write down and “dump” all of your thoughts into their journal and to keep writing even when you think you’re done. 

After you have dumped everything into the journal, you should orient yourself toward a goal. As Kim says, “you want to literally end your journal in a way where you’re giving yourself a new direction… [and] create a vision of what you’re looking for.” Often, journals are an avenue for venting and expressing the emotions that we feel. However, with this method of journaling, Kim advises her clients to go beyond this by telling them “rather than focusing on the things that are bothering you and agitating you, focus on what you want.”

A Different Level of Interaction

There are more benefits to journaling than simply putting down your thoughts and goals. Kim states that it’s a game-changer when you journal with “somebody who’s skilled at reading and responding to journals,” since they’re “looking at your thoughts, your beliefs, your perspectives, your values, and kind of helping you get back on track.” 

With Journal Engine, there is a coach on the other side that will ask you deeper questions compared to what you would normally hear due to the fact that they are able to get a better picture of your mind through journaling. This is helpful not only for interactions between you and your coach but also with other people around you such as your management team. 

Kim asserts that journaling is very healthy and using it in this way is “incredibly powerful in building intimacy between you and your tribe.” This allows you to stay focused on your goals while connecting to those around you in a valuable way. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kim or receiving personal business coaching, visit www.frameofmindcoaching.com. Additionally, for those who are interested in growing their business and getting to know their clients or workers around them on a deeper level through journaling, download Kim’s software Journal Engine at www.journalengine.com