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E80 – Jerry Abiog | Co-Founder & CMO of Standard Insights

Artificial intelligence is often associated with science fiction and the high tech world, but it is also a useful tool for business building and growth. Jerry Abiog seeks to promote AI use for businesses in order to help them accumulate and use consumer data for their benefit and further development.

The Appeal of AI

Jerry is the CMO of an AI-driven service growth marketing platform called Standard Insights. His journey began with 25 years of sales experience before he began his own business to help software companies improve their marketing tactics. 

Through his successes and failures in developing AI software, he learned that “regardless of what software anyone is looking at, they want something that’s simple, easy to use, and that will solve their business problem.” 

A few years ago, Jerry met the man who would come to be the co-founder of their current company who pushed him to create an AI platform for helping businesses use data to target customers with specific products. This proved to be a success and the two of them have been using their company to help other businesses ever since. 

As the AI industry is predicted to be worth $400 billion in the next several years, Jerry recognizes the importance of exploring the possibilities with this technology. According to Jerry, since “data is a commodity nowadays, and it’s part of our everyday lives,” businesses should be making the effort to use that gathered information to their benefit.

The Importance of Being Data-Driven

In order to put this idea into practice, Jerry offers his One Big Tip in which he says that businesses should become more data-driven in order to increase their sales. Achieving this result will come by using data to improve the customer’s experience, prevent customer indecision, and tell your customer what to do next. 

Upgrading a business in this way requires specific data to be collected about the consumer base in order to target them by marketing specifically to their interests. This method isn’t limited to a specific business or industry either, as the ways to personalize marketing can vary. 

Jerry states that “knowing who your customers are and acting based on the data can be the difference between your restaurant doing really well or your business shutting down because you’re not data-driven.” 

Even knowing a small amount of sales data can benefit you and help you “customize audiences on Facebook that are based on fact, and not on your best guess.” Jerry is confident that by using these tips, your conversion rate will improve and AI will become invaluable to your business growth. To contact Jerry and find out more about his AI work, you can visit his website www.standardinsights.io, and he can also be reached on LinkedIn under Jerry Abiog Standard Insights.