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E9 – Courtney Tarrant – Facebook Ads Expert

Are your Facebook and Instagram ads failing to provide sustainable and consistent results for your business? This week’s guest is a social media ads expert who has helped businesses grow from six to seven-figures with her strategic ad campaigns. Join us for The One Big Tip with Courtney Tarrant to find out her secret strategy for generating 7-figure revenue for her clients.

When it comes to growth, a social media presence can only take your brand so far. To reach new audiences and convert new buyers, you’ll also need to invest in an ad strategy. But what is the secret to creating high converting ads? This week’s guest, Courtney Tarrant of Courtney Tarrant Media, has the best tips for creating a successful Facebook or Instagram campaign.

“The very best place to get started with any campaign is always inside of retargeting. So that is getting back in front of people who have been on your site already,” said Courtney. And she’s right! If you don’t already have a pixel installed on your website, you’re missing out on valuable leads. These people have been to your website - they’ve seen your brand before, so when you’re able to then follow up with an ad, it’s kind of like bumping into them at the coffee shop the day after a sales pitch.

“You are where they are. And so it's sort of, you fit into their life in that way. That's going to be your most profitable audience. And that's a really great place to start and see a great return.”

If your ads are getting inconsistent results, it’s time to reevaluate. “That tells me that you're capable of doing great things. It just needs a little bit more TLC.” Courtney recommends talking to an expert at this point. But don’t just hire any ads expert - Courtney warns that some ads experts will just say yes to any project just to take money from you.

A true ads expert should be able to look at your product, determine if it will be profitable, and have an understanding of your pain points before committing to your product. “Because as entrepreneurs, we want to do everything ourselves. I get it, I totally get it. But it's always great to know when to ask for help.”

“I call it Project Stop the Scroll….They're scrolling along, and you have to get them to stop and look at what you're doing before they're even going to read the copy or think about clicking right.” But what’s Courtney’s favorite content for catching attention?

It doesn’t have to be a huge, budget breaking video either. Product testimonials and simple videos of the product itself can still have a huge impact on your scroll stopping power. Once you’ve gotten their attention, your copy can take over the rest.

BONUS: Just because you don’t love it, doesn’t mean customers won’t. If you have a wild idea, try it. “That's the secret, I think, to finding the thing that works is everything's worth testing. You don't dismiss an idea because you don't like it. You are not the consumer.”

With these tips in mind, you should find success with Facebook and Instagram ads in no time. But if you get stuck and need some expert help, you can catch up with Courtney on LinkedIn or check out her website.