You are in the 2nd of three videos that I’m going to send to you before our meeting.

Let’s talk podcast gear! The right camera, microphone, and lighting is your secret weapon to leveling up your presence - not only on my podcast, but on any other virtual appearance you make or course you may teach, as well. That’s why I’m sharing some great tips, tricks, and products to get you prepared. I’ll also make sure to tell you which way NOT to go and some pitfalls to avoid.

First and foremost, we’ll cover sound; while people will forgive less-than-perfect lighting or video quality, good sound is essential to a podcast, so the right microphone is everything. Your laptop mic isn’t going to cut it! I’ll compare the quality of a few different microphones to suit a range of budgets and needs. When it comes to cameras, the one built into your laptop will do the trick just fine, but it’s not the best option out there. I’ll tell you what is the best option, and even the second-best, too. Finally, I’ll introduce you to all the lights I use, because while you may not consider it, lighting can play a huge role in your video quality! By the end of this video, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to show up to any podcast prepared, sounding great, and looking professional!

  • VIDEO #1 - Who is our audience and what will we talk about? [Yesterday's video]
  • VIDEO #2 - The tech - How to look and sound your best.
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  • VIDEO #3 - How to be a great guest - Tips on how to use your appearance on this podcast to promote your brand.
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