Yes, we have an incredible sense of urgency. We will not only light the match instigating a compelling, demanding fire; we will sit atop it until things are done.

But let’s be clear – that does not mean skipping or rushing past the strategy stage. We don’t work without documented research and clarified, measurable goals… and neither should you.

We must answer these (and more) questions before we can begin. Sure, we’ll do the research on your target market and shower you with statistics to help you through the decision-making process. We will partner with you. Guide you. Arm you with knowledge. But before these questions are answered definitively, you’re marketing in a vacuum.

Who is your intended audience?

You might say: I sell razors, which I market to men.

We say: I sell “manly” razors to middle-aged American breadwinning fathers (not hipsters or millennials) who want to recapture their waning feeling of virility.

What is your brand and your voice?

You may be thinking: Huh?

We know how to write one: Our company image is rugged and down to earth. Borderline machismo. Our voice is a cross between Toby Keith, Paul Bunyan, Hank Hill and an aging Antonio Banderas. We speak blue collar and American pride.

What do they read, consume, want? Where do they frequent?

You may not know: I dunno. I want them to like my Facebook page.

We'll zero-in on these people: They read Popular Science, they watch Shark Week and American Chopper, they prefer Twitter to Facebook and they covet the iPhone 10.

What do you want your new website to look like?

How it was done in the past: I like green and blue. It should be green and blue.

This is how we roll now: Here are 3 examples of layouts, 6 examples of buttons and 4 calls to action that I love, and here’s why. The colors should convey vigor, strength and brawn.

Strategy is the most critical stage of any comprehensive digital marketing program,
since the only way to achieve our goals is to delineate them first.


If the most insightful blog post in the world…
is posted on the hippest website in the world…
which is built on the most versatile theme in the world…
but nobody sees it…

Is it an epic failure?


Strategy is imperative. A rocking website is critical. Quality content is vital. But without pushing it all out into the world, you’ve just wasted your time.

We will work together to make sure that your intended audiences not only sees you, but pays attention. That comprehensive effort can include digital advertising campaigns, optimization, content marketing, networking with thought leaders and engaging on targeted social media channels.

Since we are fluent in both English and Techie (and, in the interest of full disclosure, we also speak Spanish and Cheesehead) we can not only level with you about your ideal route to recognition, we can execute it.


How do we pluck you from obscurity and generate genuine recognition? First of all, we thrive on it, so our team can’t imagine doing anything else. Second, we fully appreciate the idiom “jack of all trades, master of none.” That’s why we invest tremendously in attracting, motivating and retaining the best in their respective fields. And we don’t ask them to do what they’re not good at, or anything they don’t love.


Our Blogger

channels clients’ voices as if she’s a side-show psychic on fire. She produces hard and fast and nails it every time.

Our WordPress Engineer

closes himself into a windowless office (his choice, not ours!) and goes through so much espresso we’re just glad it’s not tequila.


Our Project Manager

is the juggler of the group. Of course, we give her knives and chainsaws to toss in the air, since balls would limit the adventure. She’s never dropped a one.

Our Social Networker

will only work in coffee shops as she insists that the “buzz” around her translates into productivity. Yes, we bought her Starbucks stock for Christmas.

We have experts, and they have passion. That’s how we do what we do.